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Eaglets on the Warpath:

(Note: “Eaglets on the Warpath” follows one new Superfan as she journeys through her freshman year at Boston College.) 

2:30 — Log onto the Agora Portal
2:31 — Open the ResLife housing application
2:32-2:54 — Stare at screen
2:55 — Refresh
2:56 — Refresh
2:57 — Refresh
2:58 — Refresh
2:59 — REFRESH
3:00 — REFRESH!!!!!!


After choosing Boston College, I knew what my first mission would be: get the quad. I yearned for one, figuring I’d at least have three friends in my arsenal in case my friend-making abilities had faded since freshman year. As high school wore on, the necessity to make friends had diminished and the friend-bank seemed to grow without much effort. But alas, back to the starting line we go!

Anyway, in my mind, housing functions on a first-come, first-served basis. After a week —  and we’re talkin’ the first week of April, mind you — of reading through profiles on Reslife, I found Potential Roommate #1. Akin to choosing a suitor on a dating website, I dusted off my small talk and contacted my highest match (90%).

She was everything I had hoped for in a roommate! Her background in the performing arts and love of Les Miserables lured me in. I pictured long nights of singing “The Confrontation” together. I call Javert. (I can’t sing well, but I also don’t care that I can’t sing well.)


Prospective Roommates #2 and #3 followed suit within the next week, each girl bringing her own set of attributes to the table. By the end of April we officially filed our roommate requests on ResLife and thus began the three month wait.

My high school friends thought I was insane: most of them waited until the few days before May 1st to pick a college, let alone roommates. “Do you really know these girls?” “How did you find them so fast?” “Why are you rushing through the process?!” “What if they turn out to be crazy people?!” Calm down.

You only need to know so much about a person to be able room with them. Real friendship comes when you get to campus and spend every day together, especially if you’re confident in your ability to get along with a wide range of personalities. While my other friends were sifting through people online trying to find the perfect person, or going random because they gave up trying to find the perfect person, I would have none of this.


A lot of my current friends are people who I probably wouldn’t have chosen by merely talking to them online or stalking their Facebook timelines. Friendships happen naturally and I wasn’t about to spend more time than necessary trying to put together a perfect complex of girls for our quad. I just wanted the quad. Think of all the nights spent together laughing and having pillow fights! Too much fun to handle.

Fast forward to August 2nd, the highly-anticipated day of housing assignments. It looks like my first-come, first-served theory may have worked! After a bone-chilling two days of knowing our dorms but not our housing situations (another incoming freshman found a loophole in the system and we were able to figure out our residence halls a couple days early, Go freshmen!), my former Potential Roommates and I celebrated our victory as Official Roommates. I could hear the sobs in the distance of students logging on to find a forced triple in their future. However, my tears of joy drowned out their tears of desperation. I wish them all the best.

We even conjured up an alternative room plan for the quad.

We even conjured up an alternative room plan for the quad.

Here’s my Top Ten list of the most stressful college-related moments thus far:

10. Choosing which colleges to apply to.
9. Trying to fudge a single supplement essay to make it apply to every college’s essay question.
8. Choosing which college to enroll in.
7. Realizing I never went to [insert developing country here] to help treat [insert disease here] during my high school career.
6. Realizing my bedding was backordered until August 25th (too close for comfort! Pun intended).
5. Writing the College Essay.
4. The weeks leading up to January 1st.
3. The m#&$*@*$@$#&* SAT’s.
2. Opening an envelope from a college in the weeks preceding April 1st.
1. Waiting to find out my roommate fate on 3:00 pm on August 2nd.

Feature photo by Billy Foshay/Gavel Media. 

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