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Bright Lights Bigger City: The Most Stylish Breakfast on Earth

You guessed it: brunch. Like everything else in New York, eating breakfast is a much bigger deal here then it is anywhere else. It seems as though everyone in the New York drags themselves out of bed every weekend to partake in the traditional New York brunch.
Not only are the lines for Sunday brunch just as competitive as the lines for clubs and bars on Saturday night (you can wait as long as an hour and a half if you go in between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.), brunch has been taken over by the capitalists and turned into a money-making machine. At some places, the meal can cost up to sixty dollars a person.
Lucky for me, brunch just so happens to be my favorite meal on earth, and after two months here I feel like I've got a handle on the many different types of brunch you can find in New York City.
First, there's the boozy brunch. Bottomless beers, bottomless mimosas, bottomless alcohol - what better way to honor the timeless tradition of day-drinking than by with pairing it with brunch? Many places in New York offer different drink deals to go with their brunch, but I would recommend Essex Restaurant - it's $22.95 fora meal plus three drinks of your choice.
Mimosas all around.

Mimosas all around.

Next, there's the trendy brunch. These are your hole-in-the-wall neighborhood places that draw incredibly long lines on Sunday at noon and refuse to take reservations. Usually the line is worth the wait - my roommate and I waited an hour and fifteen minutes for Penelope's, the closest brunch place to our apartment (that's real dedication to food, mind you) and it was completely, totally worth it.
Penelope's - so good.

Penelope's - so good.

Omelet plus breakfast potatoes plus Bellini equals heaven.

Omelet plus breakfast potatoes plus Bellini equals heaven.

Then, there's the luxury brunch. Unfortunately for my intern salary, more often then not any critically acclaimed brunch restaurant will fall into this category. I take you back to weekend number two of my summer in New York, when my roommate and I wanted to go out to brunch but didn't know where to go. Like any internet-savy college student, I googled "best brunch in New York," clicked on the Zagat blog link, and nearly started crying when I saw that the majority of those twelve Zagat-recommended restaurants charged forty to seventy dollars for their brunch. Of course, all of those restaurants looked absolutely delicious, but we decided to get bagels that morning instead and ask around for more affordable brunch recommendations.                                                                                                                 

 Lastly, there's the happy-go-lucky brunch, where you just happen to find a great place when you aren't looking for it. On a different weekend, my roommate and I (yes, we eat a lot of brunch) traveled all the way to the Upper East Side to see if we could get brunch at Alice's Tea Cup (which falls into the trendy brunch category). When we got there, the wait was forty-five minutes, but we were too hungry to not eat right away. So we turned around to go somewhere else and happened to come across a french restaurant named Mon Petit Cafe - Bistro, and I got the best quiche there I've ever had in my life. If you don't believe me, take a second look at the main picture for this article.

Happy-go-lucky brunch.

Happy-go-lucky brunch.

Photos By Jillian Timko/Gavel Media

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