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Eaglets on the Warpath: BC MythBusters, part 1

(Note: “Eaglets on the Warpath” follows one new Superfan as she journeys through her freshman year at Boston College.)

Back during our junior year of high school, my friends and I made a public service announcement for our AP English class about the many myths of high school life.


The video was made back when we were knowledgeable about the ins and outs of our school, hoping to enlighten incoming freshmen and, of course, “Bust some myths!”

In the same vein as our PSA, I’m going to address some myths/expectations (which will henceforth be called mythspectations) that I have about my new school and college in general; I will be either confirming or busting them later on in the school year. A video may be involved.

Let’s do this.

Mythspectation #1: College will be a mixture of Animal House and “I Love College” by Asher Roth.


Most of us have been thinking about college since listening to our parents lament the “best days of their lives” over family dinners. We’ve all seen Animal House (if you haven’t, I would recommend it) and heard of “I’m Shmacked,” a Youtube series documenting crazy college partying. What else would we expect?

Mythspectation #2: All-nighters are the norm around campus to get work done because the classes are so intensive.

Let’s be honest, this expectation somewhat applies to every transition we’ve ever made in the history of our student careers (as you saw in our PSA, for example). Unfortunately, I have a feeling next year’s going to be different. As my friend Jack put it, “I'm hoping that gets busted, but I doubt it will.”

Mythspectation #3: Everyone will be wearing boat shoes. All the time.

Okay, not all the time, but you get the point.


BC was also ranked Third Preppiest College of 2012 by the Huffington Post. This mythspectation is just begging to be confirmed.

Mythspectation #4: Mod parties will be almost impossible to get into as freshmen, especially for guys.

Those nasty red condos came onto my radar before I even thought about applying to BC. Well, the Mods and Doug Flutie. The selectivity of the parties followed not long after.

The Holy Mods.

The Holy Mods.
Courtesy of Maddie Webster/Gavel Media

Mythspectation #5: Frisbee all day everyday.

My friends play Ultimate Frisbee 24/7 at home, but could this be true at college as well? Probably, unless the photos of joyous students on a grassy quad in every college admissions pamphlet are fabricated. Better work on my form (and ability to both throw and catch a frisbee)!

BC students throwing the D around back in the day. Yeah, I know the lingo. Courtesy of Joey Nuccio/BC Ultimate

BC students throwing the D around back in the day. Yeah, I know the lingo.
Courtesy of Joey Nuccio/BC Ultimate

Mythspectation #6: Super cool professors.

Now, I realize the likelihood of having a professor willing to smoke pot with his students like Professor Jennings from Animal House is slim. But as the age gap between professor and student lessens, they’ll treat us more like colleagues, right?

Top Ten Foods I Expect To Eat On The Reg Next Year (mythspectation #7-16):
10. Candy
9. Ruffles
8. Pizza
7. Frozen Yogurt. I get fro yo practically every day at home, so they better have some near campus.
6. Mac & Cheese
5. Caffeine. Can that be classified as food?
4. Hopefully something healthy? Like salad! That’d be nice.
3. Shake Shack food
2. Ramen
1. F’reals & Mozz Stix from Late Night. Apparently they are oh so deliciously addicting.
Featured image via Facebook

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