Thirteen alternatives for Yankee Candle's Black Cherry BC candle

What’s better than walking through Yankee Candle, picking the candles one at a time, and noticing how accurate each one is? The unmistakable smells of November Rain, Bahama Breeze, Clean Cotton, and Christmas Cookie are whisked by your nose with each glass jar you uncap. As you reach for the Boston College candle, there is so much that can be bottled up in this one candle, and as you open it, out comes the smell of… Black Cherry? There are so many scents that can easily be affiliated with BC, but unless it’s cherry Rubinoff, cherry is not the first smell that comes to mind. Here’s a compilation of other potential BC candle candidates:

13. Hot dogs and soft pretzels in Alumni Stadium

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

What goes better with a Superfan shirt than a hot dog when game day comes around?

12. Natty Light and Rubinoff in the Mods

The smell of cheap alcohol can’t be missed on a trip to the mods.

11. Mozz sticks and cheesesteaks at late night in Lower

These are two late night staples that the typical BC student should never go a weekend without.

10. The Plex

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

This one pretty much speaks for itself – particularly in the warm weather months.

9. Lo Mein and Mac & Cheese in the Rat

The mild smell of cereal and soup is always present in the Rat, but when these days of the week come around, anyone who enters will know.

8. The freshly cleaned bathrooms in the dorms Sunday morning

If you wake up too early on Sunday and have to take a leak, you may just want to hold off until the housekeeping staff makes their way through.

7. Chemical reactions in lab at Merkert

Yeah, so maybe you were supposed to avoid the fumes, but you’re still alive as of now.

6. New Sperry’s

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

While the fresh leather smell lasts it always seems pleasant, but one should most definitely avoid the smell of old Sperry’s.

5. The Comm Ave. Bus

This scent is particularly strong on a Friday or Saturday night – the later, the better.

4. Egg Salad and Cleaning product on the 2nd floor of Mac

As Eagle’s Nest fills up around noon, the occasional whiff of this smell is still hard to miss.

3. White out and old textbooks in Carney

Some mistake the Carney smell for the smell of death, but its been concluded that the true source is white out and textbooks.

2. New carpet and coffee in Stokes

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.55.06 PM

Image via Instagram

To many, this is a comforting smell, so burning a candle with this scent could be like bringing Stokes home with you.

1. The fierce smell of that one Gingko tree on the Gasson Quad

Descriptions of the smell of the fruit of BC’s one female Gingko include “vomit” and “rancid milk.”

On second thought, maybe we should just stick with black cherry.

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