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@BostonCollege: Collaborative Social Media

Recently The Huffington Post released a list of the Top 100 Best And Most Collaborative U.S. Colleges. As education in K-12 institutions becomes more technologically based and utilizes mobile and social media, colleges are attracting the best and brightest students through their use of social collaboration.

As the world of business has evolved alongside the rise of social media, it has become increasingly apparent that embracing social collaboration is the way to success. It is how businesses attract their target consumers and talented employees. Similarly, universities across the nation have embraced the next generation of students and workers by attracting them with transparent and collaborative media.

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This list used the 2013 national university rankings from US News & World Reports at its core. The schools were then re-ranked according to its combined Klout and Kred scores. Klout shows how influential your social media usage is on others. Kred does the same but zeros in on communities connected by interests and affiliations to see where the greatest impacts are being made.


Generally the schools ranked highest based on academics also scored well on this social media ranking system. However, notable pitfalls such as Brown University at 29, Dartmouth College at 42 and New York University at 81 show dramatic differences between the two rankings. Falling behind means that these schools risk losing low acceptance rates, which plays a large role in rankings like U.S. News & World Reports. Thankfully, Boston College has not fallen into this problem.

Over the years, Boston College has proven itself a major player in both academia and on the web. Of the medium schools that made the list, Boston College boasted the number 5 spot, while beating out schools such as Columbia University and Boston University for the number 16 spot in the overall rankings. This means that Boston College does an exceptional job connecting to prospective students and influencing their decisions on where to apply through using social media.


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Students that are attending more social schools that also boast great academics are more likely to expect transparency and collaboration from their post-grad lives. Whether that be gaining a second degree or joining the work force, students are looking for engagement on all levels and are no longer relying solely on reputation; they want to see results. By gaining an education from a school like Boston College that clearly understands this generation’s needs, graduates will enter the world more prepared to create meaningful and innovative change in a fast-paced world.

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