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Eaglets on the Warpath: No toy gets left behind

(Note: “Eaglets on the Warpath” follows one new Superfan as she journeys through her freshman year at Boston College.) 

Since half of my last week before move-in day is going to be spent on a road trip across upstate New York with friends (cross your fingers we make it home in one piece), packing has prematurely begun for my mom and me. I mention her because I run everything I do by her before I can move on to the next step. God forbid I buy the wrong brand of vacuum cleaner bags.

As you may recall, I’m in a quad next year with three other girls. When I said “each girl [brought] her own set of attributes to the table,” I didn’t just mean personality traits. I think somehow our souls gravitated to each other in the roommate search process because it just so happens we all have our own big-ticket item to bring next year.

Christina was planning to buy an iPod doc at the time (and did!), Sophia’s friend was in the process of selling her a mini fridge, Jeannette happened to own two TV’s (stay tuned to see which one she brings! Oh man, such a great pun), and I...well, I actually just recently went out and bought a mini vac and printer to add to the pile but that’s beyond the point. My soul belonged, I swear!

While our room as a group has its you-know-what together, mine is disorganized and in random piles around my bedroom. I can’t seem to discern which of my many treasured objects is worthy of coming with me and which isn’t. No toy gets left behind.


Wow, my Sentimental-O-Meter skyrocketed during that clip. I don’t think I’m in a state of mind where I should be watching Toy Story 3.

As I was saying, I have the boxes. I have the packing tape. The aforementioned problem is the only thing stressing me out right now. Part of the issue is that I’m a history nerd and a hoarder, so even though I would love to bring my ashtray made out of iron from the U.S.S. Constitution, I must resist.


Look’s like I’m sticking to the basics, folks. I don’t imagine our quad will be too spacious, so I’ve got to pack light. It took me a while to come to terms with this notion, seeing as I was the girl who brought a giant rolling suitcase to our three-day orientation. I obviously am terrible at picking out clothes to bring, too. Good luck to my fellow sentimentalists and decidophobics this next week.

Long story short, I’ve got a long day of parting ways with inanimate objects ahead of me.

Side note: This online AlcoholEdu course is ridiculous. It’s like an evil Russian Matryoshka doll — modules within modules within modules.


This one looks evil enough. Image via Tumblr

This one looks evil enough.
Image via Tumblr

Top Ten Things I Want To Bring To College But Probably Won’t 

10. My U.S.S. Constitution ashtray.
9. My books, except my high school yearbook.
8. My bass guitar. My amp’s too much of a burden to bring and I’m not good enough to showcase my talent to my friends anyway. It feels good to be honest with myself at least.
7. My prom dress. I enjoy its company hanging up on my closet door but when would I ever need it? No Newton prom for me!
6. My bulletin board with a lifetime’s memories on it *sniff*.
5. My bed.
4. My entire shoe collection. The whole gang of 28 pairs just isn’t going to make the cut.
3. My unhealthy collection of Beatles paraphernalia.
2. My friends. This item will be discussed in the next post *wink wink*.
1. My record player. I know I’d seldom use it, what with all this technology lying around. But what if I feel the need to listen to the soundtrack of “Papa,” a musical drama based on Ernest Hemingway’s life that I found in the crevices of a thrift store? The horror!

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