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Study proves "hook-up culture" is nothing new

Next time you encounter the infamous BC look-away, consider this: sociologists have proven that college students of the 21st century are not having any more sex than their 90s counterparts. What parents, students, and general society have assumed of this generation’s promiscuity is simply not based in evidence.

A sociology professor at the University of Portland, Martin A. Monto, used national survey data to compare the frequency of sexual encounters between college students in the years of 1988-1996 and 2002-2010. The result? Less sex was actually being had at universities in the more recent years.

Empirical proof exists that students these days are spending more time in bed alone than the expectation of the “hookup culture” implies. According to the data, 59.3% of students in the 2000s sample set reported having sex weekly or more often while 65.2% said the same in the older group.

Expectation. Image via Getty Images.



Reality. Image via Getty Images.


What is even more amazing is that students of this century are not even having sex with more partners than their predecessors. While 51.7% of 90s students had more than two sexual partners since turning 18, an almost equivalent 50.5% of recent students said the same.

One telling statistic is that students in the “hookup era” of the early 2000s were less likely to report having a regular sexual partner in the past year. Only 77.1% of the post-millennial students reported having a regular partner in the past year while 84.5% of their predecessors reported the same.

Instead, students in the latter sample reported having sex more regularly with friends or with casual dates. Apparently the movies have been lying: Friends with benefits are not only possible, but in style.

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