BC athletics’ social media efforts rank high in the ACC

Boston College athletics has Klout, and that is no misspell.

A term bellowed out by social media pundits everywhere, “Klout” is the standard of influence in the digital age. It’s a form of measurement from 1 to 100 that gages someone or something’s popularity, and it is based entirely off of Facebook, Twitter, and other lesser-known social media platforms.

Named after the form of measurement it bestows, Klout is a company based in San Francisco and run by former data analyst Joe Fernandez who, in 2009, was looking to quantify significance on social networks.

The science behind the score, as detailed by Klout’s corporate website, is built on “the ratio of reactions you generate compared to the amount of content you share.” For example, someone who gets 100 retweets from 10 tweets will have a higher Klout score than one who manages  100 retweets from 1,000 tweets.

Image via Visual.ly.

Image via Visual.ly.

The athletics department at Boston College boasts a Klout score of 66, driving considerable influence and reaching an audience through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

So, where does this number figure in with other ACC programs and their efforts in drawing fans to their social media outlets?

Here is every single ACC program’s Klout score, based off of each school’s primary Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts:

  1. University of Miami: 80
  2. Syracuse University: 73
  3. Duke University: 70
  4. Clemson University: 69
  5. Boston College: 66
  6. Georgia Tech: 64
  7. UNC-Chapel Hill: 64
  8. University of Maryland: 63
  9. University of Virginia: 59
  10. Wake Forest University: 58
  11. University of Pittsburgh: 56
  12. NC State: 55
  13. Florida State University: 46
  14. Virginia Tech: 45
 *The University of Notre Dame was not included in this list, but they possess a Klout of 84, which would rank them atop the ACC; information compiled via HootSuite/Klout.com

The above list effectively shows the schools that are engaging their fans, along with the ones that need a significant increase in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts to further their social influence.

To put things into perspective, The Gavel’s sports section Twitter account has a Klout score of 40. Virginia Tech athletics has a score of 45. While it's not to say that The Gavel’s sports section Twitter is only five points away from being as socially influential as Virginia Tech athletics' Twitter account, it is to say that the section’s activity and digital influence are nearing Virginia Tech’s.

BC athletics' Klout score is proficient because the three biggest sports have popular Twitter accounts, the main sports account has close to 10,000 followers, and the BC social media community itself is well-established.

When Director of Football Operations Barry Gallup tweeted links to his Instagram photos during BC football's "Fan Day," fans that were thousands of miles away from Chestnut Hill were given insight into the day's activities. A hint was even dropped to Gallup's followers that Head Coach Steve Addazio has plenty of new traditions up his sleeve for the coming year:

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 7.45.51 PM

Image via Barry Gallup.

"Defensive backs practicing singing "For Boston." Coach Addazio has established a new tradition. The team will sing the popular school fight song in the locker room after each Eagle victory!"

It is this type of interaction and engagement that separates BC in terms of social media from the other nine schools with lower Klout scores.

Outsiders grappling for perspective—the idea of what it means to be a Division I football player—find their curiosity fulfilled when they scroll down BC athletics' Twitter and Instagram accounts, and having this fulfilled makes all the difference in the world when it comes to social media influence.

Feature Image via ESPN.

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