Budweiser Made In America Party Takes Over House of Blues

Good music. Great people. Better beer. Budweiser sure knows how to throw a party.

On Thursday, the Budweiser "Made in America" tour made its way to the House of Blues for the Budweiser Made in Boston Party, featuring musical guests Milkman and Timeflies. Since April the tour has travelled to over 30 cities, wrapping up in Philadelphia on August 31st with a two-day festival headlined by Beyonce and Nine Inch Nails.

Along with the musical stylings of Milkman and Timeflies, Budweiser supplied the House of Blues's 21+ crowd with glow sticks, sunglasses, confetti and complimentary cold beverages in their signature bow-tie cans. Plus, partygoers got the chance to sample Budweiser Black Crown, a recent addition to the Bud family.

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Images courtesy of Jenna LaConte/Gavel Media

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