When I decided Boston College would be my home for the next four years of my life, I scoured the Internet for any kind of video that would show me what I was getting myself into.  I searched “Boston College” on YouTube for hours on end, trying to get any sort of glimpse as to what my future daily life would look like. Would I actually like it? What were the people actually like? What would my dorm actually look like? Would I actually make friends? I had so many unanswered questions.

With two years in Chestnut Hill behind me, I have since learned a thing or two about what it’s like to go to college and most importantly: what it’s like to go to Boston College. My interest in film and video has propelled me to contribute a few of my own to describe the BC experience. I have also determined the some must-see videos for any incoming freshman… because it’s cool to be in the know. We know. And we’re here to help.

The following is must-see video mix of the formal/beautiful, the quirky, the traditional and the reality that is Boston College.

BC Sights:

This is the pretty part. Because you’ll be spending time on one of the most beautiful campuses known to man. Don’t forget it. Even if it’s a Monday and your roommate kept you up all night. Take a second to look around at the beauty around you.  Yes, YOU!



What is dorm life really going to be like? You just have to experience it. And you’re gonna love it. But if you want to see what the inside of a freshman dorm looks like (particularly the Hardey double of yours truly), then watch this to get a feel for both types of freshman housing:


BC Events:

BC is a hub for all kinds of activity. There’s a little something for everyone.

The first home football is not far away, folks. So watch this so you’re all prepared. All the true super fans do.


Do you like to sing? Or listen to people sing? Or wonder at human nature? Well try to catch an acapella concert this semester. Here’s one group, the Boston College Dynamics doin’ what they do best.


There’s nothing quite like the ALC Showdown every spring. It’s a celebration of dance you won’t find anywhere else, from step and Irish dance to hip-hop and Indian dance, it is never a disappointment. Here’s The Gavel’s video of last year’s show.


BC Quirks:

Remember the Harlem Shake craze? Well, we at BC put on our own, and we’re pretty proud of it. 


Every year on the last study day of every semester, Mod 27 puts on a show.  A very special kind of show at that. Here’s the Gavel’s video of last year’s highly anticipated event:


BC Character:

Sure, we might like to joke around and dance, but BC is home to some of the most dedicated and inspiring students. In each of our own ways, we strive to make a difference in the world and to make our world a better place for those who need it most.

On the William F. Connell School of Nursing's third clinical service trip to Haiti, 21 Boston College faculty, students, and alumni cared for up to 200 patients a day in mobile clinics and in orphanages. Video via BC Chronicle.


Two Boston College sophomores organized a Last Five Walk around the Chestnut Hill reservoir to commemorate the last five miles of the Boston Marathon for those who didn’t get the chance to finish after the bombings on Marathon Monday. Here’s the Gavel’s video of the event:


Cherish every BC moment—because, let’s face it… they can’t all be caught on video.

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