“Hey man, do you want to go for a run around the Res and then stop by Stu to grab some F’Reals at Late Night?”

If that sounded like a foreign language to you, you’re not alone. As a freshman, you’re going to hear a lot of words and nicknames that you’ve never heard before. Instead of nodding along and pretending you know what “CoRo” means, take a look at this handy dandy glossary of terms that will have you speaking like a BC student in no time!

ACC – The Atlantic Coast Conference is composed of the sports teams of 15 universities playing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Division 1. Boston College plays in the ACC.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.21.06 PMAgora Portal – Essentially all of your grades, classes, and information packed into a handy dandy website.

AHANA – A community of undergrad students that stands for “African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American.” Its goal is to support the undergraduate community with a particular focus on multicultural students while promoting a welcoming and developmental environment.

Alumni Stadium – Home of BC’s Division 1 football team. The stadium comes alive on game days, especially in the Superfan section. Make sure to wear Superfan yellow on football Saturdays, and prepare to throw others or be thrown in the air every time the Eagles score a touchdown.

Baldwin – Boston College’s peppy and proud mascot. You’ll find this energetic eagle pumping up the crowd during sporting events and pep rallies.

Image courtesy of Billy Foshay/Gavel Media.

Image courtesy of Billy Foshay/Gavel Media.

Bapst and O’Neill – The two main libraries on campus. O’Neill has five floors with plenty of space for silent studying on your own, or study rooms where you can work with larger groups. Bapst is Hogwarts. The inside is incredibly beautiful, but don’t go there unless you’re prepared to get shushed at the slightest click of your pen – when they say “silent,” theymean silent.

Beanpot – Held at Boston’s TD Garden, this is Boston’s biggest college hockey event of the year. Harvard, Boston College, Boston University and Northeastern all compete in an annual tournament on the first two Monday nights of February to earn the title of Boston’s best college hockey team. Considering BC has won the past four years in a row, I think we can all agree on who’s number 1…

Biddie – “BC Biddie” is basically a stereotype for ditzy, party girls who have a preppy sense of style. They’re rarely seen without an iPhone or an iced coffee in hand. They are essentially the female equivalent of a “bro.”

Che-Chi’s – Che-Chi’s is a food stand stationed on Upper and Lower Campus on weekends that serves sausage, hot dogs, and other late-night foods. Their main customers consist of kids coming home from parties who need that drunken munchies fix. It’s honestly pretty sketchy to look at, but hey, if it works for them, keep the Che-Chi’s coming!

The Chocolate Bar – A popular study spot and meeting location in the newly built Stokes Hall. It has plenty of coffee, gelato and cookies that are as big as your face.

Comm. Ave – Commonwealth Avenue runs right along the outskirts of Boston College and is home to much of the off-campus housing. Taking the Comm. Ave bus will bring you to Cleveland Circle, where you’ll find a CVS, tons of places to eat – including Chipotle, Pino’s pizzeria, and student favorite, Eagle’s Deli – and the “Reservoir” T station.

Convocation – Convocation is the procession of the incoming freshman class down Linden Lane and the Million Dollar Steps and into Conte Forum to hear a lecture by the author of their personal Convocation book. Everyone gets to dress up, and this is first time the entire freshman class is brought together in one place so make sure not to skip out on it!

Conte Forum – Conte Forum is where you’ll go to watch the Fall Concert, the ALC Showdown dance competition, and all of the hockey and basketball games in the winter. The Superfan section rules still apply. Wear yellow, get loud and go crazy!

CoRo – a.k.a. College Road. Sophomores who don’t get a pick time for an 8,4,6 or 9-man on Lower live on College Road, which is situated on Upper Campus, right in between the freshmen dorms and main campus. Pros: you’re waycloser to your classes and a few steps away from the CoRo bus stop. Cons: none of the rooms are suite-style and you’ll have to make the trek down to Lower to see most of your other sophomore friends.

Photo courtesy of Billy Foshay/Gavel Media.

Photo courtesy of Billy Foshay/Gavel Media.

CSOM – The Carroll School of Management. This is Boston College’s highly praised business school. Any myths and misconceptions you’ve heard can be put to rest right here.

CTRC – Located right next to O’Neill Library, the “Campus Technology Resource Center” – basically just a fancy name for the computer lab – is where you’ll use up those 500 sweet, sweet, free printing pages.

GLC – Stands for the GLBTQ Leadership Council. This organization is dedicated to promoting acceptance and improving the quality of life for all students, especially those who identify with the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning community.

Hillside – A mini dining hall on Lower Campus that has the best sandwiches for lunch and the famous Hillside burgers for dinner. Get there fast though; you’ll realize right away that it’s almost completely impossible to snag one of the coveted tables.

Iggy – St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. A pretty cool dude.

Late Night – The most glorious time of the day. Late Night begins around 8:30 p.m. in the main dining halls and runs until midnight on weekdays and 2 a.m. on weekends. Perfect for midnight snack cravings, Late Night features all of the greasy fried foods that you tell yourself you shouldn’t eat but secretly can’t resist. Of course, there are healthy options too but come on, would you really choose yogurt and granola over chicken fingers with buffalo sauce? Didn’t think so.

Photo courtesy of Billy Foshay/Gavel Media.

Photo courtesy of Billy Foshay/Gavel Media.

Linden Lane – The main road on campus that leads right up to Gasson Hall. This is the route freshmen walk during Convocation. It’s also the primo spot for getting that perfect Gasson Instagram shot.

Lower – The lowermost part of campus (duh again) that is home to most sophomores, and any juniors and seniors who do not choose off-campus housing. This is where you’ll find the Mods and the Plex as well. “Lower” is also the nickname for Corcoran Commons, the main dining hall on Lower campus – home of the best Late Night service (cheesesteaks, mozz sticks, and wraps, oh my!).

Mac – McElroy Commons (pronounced MAC-el-roy) is where you’ll be eating most of your meals as a freshman living on Upper. This is also where you’ll probably find most freshmen screaming in joy or sorrow as they crowd around laptops to find out if they got an 8-man on housing day.

Marathon Monday – Basically the equivalent of the college kid’s Christmas morning. Everyone wakes up early, dons their best BC gear, and lines up along the street to cheer on the Boston Marathon runners. It’s like one huge, daylong rage full of school spirit, excitement and awkward tank-top sunburns.

Million Dollar Stairs – The gigantic staircase leading from Lower Campus to Middle Campus that is rumored to have cost 1 million dollars to install. One thing about these stairs is certain though: After you climb them, your legs will feel like they are made of jelly.

MODS2The Mods – Rows upon rows of red shack-like senior housing. They may look run-down and dirty but they’re really…well, they’re run down and dirty. Rising seniors desperately scramble for a Mod pick time come housing selection. If you own a Mod, odds are you’ll be throwing a number of pretty awesome parties. If you’re a freshman, you’ll probably wait outside of these of awesome Mod parties in all types of weather, desperately hoping to get in – but good luck freshman boys, the odds sadly aren’t in your favor.

Newton – Forty percent of freshmen live on Newton Campus, which is about a 10-minute bus ride from Main Campus. The campus is composed of one dining hall and 4 dorm buildings (with a Law School library and academic building thrown in too). It may seem like you’re on the other end of the world from Main Campus, but you also get a pretty sweet all-freshmen setup that makes it really easy to make friends and bond over your Newtonite status. Plus, when it snows you can sled down the Duchesne hill on lunch trays!

Nights on the Heights – NOTH is an organization that coordinates late-night weekend events in O’Connell House. It encourages students to socialize on campus in a safe, sober environment while enjoying fun (and free!) activities.

On the Fly – These Mini-Marts are located in Mac, Stuart and Lower dining halls. They’re full of snacks, soda and other foods not found in the main dining halls. They are also the only place you can find packages of the all holy Chobani.

The Plex – The Flynn Recreation Complex is the main fitness center on campus. It never fails to be hot, sweaty and smelly. Bros take over the free weight area while girls flock to the ellipticals decked out in head to toe Lululemon. You will also definitely run into someone you know there every time without fail. But it is indeed lovable despite everything.

Puck Slut – A girl who desperately chases after hockey players. Don’t be one. It’s sleazy. End of story.

The Quad – The space between, and consisting of, the four central academic buildings on campus: Devlin, Fulton, Lyons, and Gasson. A helpful trick to remember the order of the buildings is Doug Flutie Likes Girls.

Photo courtesy of Alex Krowiak/Gavel Media.

Photo courtesy of Alex Krowiak/Gavel Media.

The Rat – The dining hall in the basement of Lyons Hall. It serves breakfast and lunch, but is only open until 3 p.m. Make sure you move fast on lo mein and mac and cheese days or you’ll find yourself standing in a never-ending line.

The Res – The Chestnut Hill Reservoir is Boston College’s prime jogging location. Many students love running the approximately 1.5 mile loop around this gorgeous, sparkling reservoir. You may be all gross and sweaty, but at least you get a beautiful view!

Rubi – Spend five minutes in a Mod and you’ll immediately recognize the nostril-stinging scent of Rubinoff vodka. It comes in a variety of flavors and is extremely cheap – which makes it the perfect choice for poor college students.

Senior Five – A list of 5 people that you want to knock off of your  “hookup bucket list” before the end of senior year.

Senior Week – The week after finals end and before graduation, all other students leave campus and the seniors get an entire week full of awesome events and activities while enjoying their final hurrah.

Sexiled – Getting exiled from your dorm room because your roommate has brought a hookup back with them. Go find a friend’s floor to crash on for the night…this might take a while.

Sieve – “Sieve” (pronounced “siv”) is the name of the hockey cheer done by the entire Superfan section whenever the Eagles score a goal. After a cue from the marching band, Superfans count out the number of goals scored twice, then begin chanting “Sieve! Sieve! Sieve!...” while pointing at the opposing team’s goalie. After the band’s second cue, everyone waves their hand in a circular motion above their head shouting “ohhhhhh SIEVE!” and pointing at the opposite goalie four times. This is followed by the opposing goalies name shouted twice, then topped off with “You suck! At life! And goaltending!” and then “It’s all your fault!” four times. Nothing gets the student section more riled up then a good goalie taunting.

Strip Mod – Mods 27 A and B are known as the infamous Strip Mod. The inhabitants of these Mods put on a striptease show on the first night of study days at the end of each semester – usually with a funny theme and awesome music. You definitely don’t want to miss this!

Stu – Stuart dining hall is the only dining hall on Newton Campus. It’s rumored to have the best food of any dining hall at BC and is home of the original F’Real milkshake machine.

Photo courtesy of Sophia Andreadis.

Photo courtesy of Sophia Andreadis.

Superfan – The quintessential BC sports fan. As an Eagle, it’s your duty to be loud and proud and show as much school spirit as possible, especially on game days. You also must wear those lovely bright yellow shirts to truly be able to call yourself a Superfan.

UGBC – The Undergraduate Government of Boston College is the peer-elected student government whose mission is to represent the student body and promote growth and togetherness within the undergrad community.

Upper – The uppermost part of campus (duh) that is home to about 60% of freshmen – and a few sophomores who ended up on CoRo. It is also home to the O’Connell House, which hosts many events through the “Night On the Heights” organization as well as improv shows and the occasional male beauty pageant.

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