What NOT to do freshman year

Freshmen, listen up.

I’m sure at orientation your parents, and basically everyone else has told you what you MUST do in college. Unfortunately, people don’t tell you what not to do your freshman year. Follow these tips though and you’ll survive being a freshman.

Don’t be someone you’re not.

I don’t mean to be cliché, but it really is better to be the best version of you than the second best version of someone else. And why wouldn’t you want to be the best you possible? Also, people eventually catch on when someone is being artificial. So don’t join an intramural soccer team just because other people are doing it when joining a student-run progressive news source makes you much happier. Doing the things you enjoy will lead you to the right friend group and an enjoyable college experience.

Image via Flickr.

Image via Flickr.

Don’t be so stuck on your major that you don’t let yourself explore academically.

I understand that you have to take a million science classes to be the next great neurosurgeon and get into medical school or whatever it is you crazy Pre-med people want to do. Don’t let your major requirements stop you from exploring other academic options though.

Part of going to a Jesuit school is having an extensive core curriculum that helps to make you a well-rounded individual. So even if you placed out of a lot of core classes through AP scores, explore! Take another English or History class! You never know, you may want to change your major.

Don’t troll the Mods.

Guess what freshmen: Seniors don’t really want freshmen who are complete strangers at their Mod. Girls, you have better chances of getting into one and obviously there is the whole ratio thing, but seriously stick to hanging out with your friends. Definitely consider bonding with your friends on Newton over getting rejected at parties. If you ditch your friends to get into a party, who’s going to come to your Mod when you are a senior?

That being said, don’t really blame someone if he or she can only bring two friends to some event. Freshmen get relatively few opportunities, so don’t squash a friend's hopes and dreams of fun just because you can’t go.

Don’t be sloppy on the boat cruise.

I’m sure you all have been warned about how the hook-up and drinking culture can turn ugly. Now imagine a bunch of freshmen indulging in that culture at school for the first time out on a boat at sea. It’s gross.

You’re on a boat people, so stay classy. Don’t make out with everyone and anyone. If you have one too many shots with your new BFFL that you met earlier that day, you won’t even get onto the boat, so watch out.

Image via Flickr.

Image via Flickr.

Finally, don’t sweat it.

College has been hyped up to be the greatest time of your life with amazing experiences and the best friends you’ll ever make. If you aren’t completely in love with BC and aren’t getting all A’s like you planned, don’t sweat it. College is a challenging time both socially and academically and a lot of the success in both those areas takes time. Freshman year is tough, so if everything isn’t going the way you wanted don’t worry, it’ll be okay.

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