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Your guide to being a BC SuperFan

Move-in day comes, and with the conclusion of the seemingly endless task of transporting crates, boxes, and other playthings, reality settles in.

As a freshman, your first impression of Boston College won’t match your experiences in the next ten months. But you didn’t need me to tell you that.


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Some of you may think: BC is such a lovely, quiet school—it’s not too big, not too small—just the right size for me. And that one tower-looking building, it’s so quaint. I can’t even believe 9,000 students go here!

A lot of that is true. BC is beautiful. BC can be quiet. Heck, sometimes I feel like I’m going to Williams or Bowdoin. When you’re the only one walking in the quad at 11 o’clock at night, it’s easy to mistake BC for some granola-y NESCAC school with as many students per graduating class as your Econ 101 lecture hall.

One assumption far from reality is that BC lacks school spirit, though.

It’s easy to overlook BC as a Division I school. Some of you are coming from Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, where the attendance at your state university’s football games easily doubles that of Alumni stadium.

But, the intensity and passion runs in Chestnut Hill like an electrical current and you’ll learn that there is much more to this school than studying and nightlife.

BC is a powerhouse in college hockey; we have more hardware than any other college in the nation. Football was the No. 2 team in the country six years ago. We are only five years removed from an era that saw BC reach back-to-back ACC title games. The basketball team, although not as storied as the other major sports teams, is verging on greatness on the backs of sophomore Olivier Hanlan and junior Ryan Anderson.

The idea that BC doesn’t carry the prominence and success of a major Division I school is faulty and poorly constructed. BC has tremendous pride, and no group is at the heart of such a prestigious athletics program more than the SuperFan.

Here is a rundown of all the quirks and traditions common to each major sports team. Commit these to memory, and you won’t face the learning curve that most freshmen hit in their days as a fledgling SuperFan.

The SuperFan Essentials

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.45.33 AM1.  Always wear your SuperFan shirt, unless you are sporting a Doug Flutie jersey or something of the like. According to, the tradition dates back to 1997 when two students, Chris Millette and Jeff Bridge, decided to change a previously morose, indifferent student section into something special. A year later, the tandem started a club that sold the shirts at the BC bookstore for just “a few dollars.” Before anyone knew it, the SuperFan shirt had amassed a tremendous following. Nowadays, every freshman receives a shirt and virtually every student at football games dons SuperFan yellow.


2. Learn the BC fight song, word for word. The song is played after every BC score for football and hockey, and played frequently during intermissions at basketball games. Here are the lyrics:

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.00.43 AMFor Boston, for Boston,
We sing our proud refrain!
For Boston, for Boston,
'Tis Wisdom's earthly fane.
For here all are one
And their hearts are true,
And the towers on the Heights
Reach to Heav'ns own blue.
For Boston, for Boston,
Till the echoes ring again!



3. Try your best not to leave any game early.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.46.04 AM

Last year, half of the student body exited Alumni after halftime of the Maryland game. We eventually came back and won the game, making it our second and last win in a forgettable 2012 season (don’t worry, though, because 2013 will be filled with many more wins).


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.50.14 AM4. Learn the sieve chant to harass opposing goalies during hockey games. This taunting goes as follows, according to

“The Sieve Chant:  When BC scores a goal, students listen for the cue from the Marching Band and count out the number of goals the Eagles have twice similar to the football cheer.  After you count the score yell “Sieve! Sieve! Sieve! Sieve! Sieve!…” while pointing at the opposing goalie.  Once the drumline signals again, students yell “oooohhhh SIEVE!” and point at the opposing goalie four times.”

The best part of the chant, of course, was spared from the athletic department’s website. After screaming all of the above, the student body caps off the chant with this:



5. Know BC’s rivals.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.56.04 AM

In hockey, BU is our Yankees-Red Sox—our Ohio State-Michigan. In football, it typically varies by year. In 2013, a Big East rivalry will be rekindled when BC plays Syracuse in the Carrier Dome over Thanksgiving break. Notre Dame and BC is aptly dubbed the “Holy War” and perhaps BC’s closest thing to a big football rivalry, but the fight won’t resume until the 2014 season. Basketball doesn’t have any concrete rivalries—but the Duke and UNC games consistently draw large, tournament-esque numbers at Conte Forum in mid-winter.


6. Lastly, be loud and proud.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.49.26 AM

There are a few other chants and cheers that are out there, but you should have a good foundation after reading this before the first football game versus Villanova on the 31st. When in doubt, don’t be complacent or self-conscious about being a crazed fan. Sooner or later, you’ll realize it’s the true way of fandom as a Boston College SuperFan.

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