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Eaglets on the Warpath: Speed Friending

(Note: “Eaglets on the Warpath” follows one new Superfan as she journeys through her freshman year at Boston College.) 

Five days ago, staring at the ten boxes and four suitcases on my side of the dorm room made me nauseous. My family has moved twice in my lifetime, and only now do I realize just how stressful the sight of unopened boxes can be.

Fast forward to Tuesday, our first day of classes. Welcome Week and its plethora of social events have ended. Summer camp is over, eaglets.

While we had five days of activities planned for us, upperclassmen noticed minimal intervention or planned events, with the exception of a building meeting, during the days prior to September 3rd. Having almost no mandatory engagements the first weekend of school seemed like a huge bonus: students are left to hang out with their friends after months apart doing whatever they want whenever they want.

My thoughts on this changed shortly after I remembered the tuition cost. We paid for all of the Welcome Week events already: the boat cruise, carnival, Boston excursions,  hypnotist show, Target gift bags, pre-game tailgating on the green, etc. As much as I would like to do my own thing with my friends for the first several days on campus, these events actually turned out to be wildly fun and great ways to meet people!

The boat cruise may be the exception. I heard it was a blast after people were allowed to board the boat. A group of my friends and several other students waited in a line to board the buses for an hour, only to find that we were unable to get on the boat cruise due to a lack of space. It’s okay, we get a cancellation prize! It better be money. I’m officially a poor college kid now.

Looks like fun! Grrr.

Looks like fun! Grrr.

The ratio of the number of students I’ve met compared to the names of the aforementioned students I’ve remembered is ridiculous. When meeting upwards of ten Dans and Mikes in a 24-hour period, they tend to blur together into a mosaic of faces. Welcome Week could also function as speed dating, but more so as speed friending. The majority of relationships made this weekend are loosely knit and based on questions including: “Where do you live?!,” “What’s your intended major?!,” and “Do you know anyone in the Mods?!”

This weekend was a blast, but now it’s time for the real college experience. Thanks to Orientation and Welcome Week, one thing’s for sure: we’re going into it with more than enough preparation.

P.S. The quad is every bit as spectacular as I imagined it would be (minus the fact that the bed is lifted practically at a bunk bed level, yet it’s not a bunk bed).

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 3.35.01 PM

Top Ten Best White Board Messages of Welcome Week

10. “No girls allowed!”
9. “Bring us food!!!”
8. “I Want Candy!” (I can only assume she’s quoting Aaron Carter)
7. “Help”
6. An amazingly accurate drawing of Baldwin
5. “The Sexiest Men of Boston College Live Here”
4. “Single and ohhhh so ready to mingle” (This was outside of a single)
3. A drawing of an elephant with a harpoon in it (What?)
2. “Girls are free after ten”
1. “Four Peas in a Quad” (Guess whose this was?)

Images courtesy of Maddie Webster/Gavel Media
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