Opinion: Welcome Wagon Not Worth It

Don’t get me wrong freshmen, you’re great, and just a couple of months ago I was one of you. That being said, moving you in last Thursday was one of the most stressful experiences I have had in a while.

Volunteering for the Welcome Wagon solely to move in early is not worth it. It is a great volunteer experience for those who sincerely enjoy helping the freshman move in. If I didn’t have the heart of gold that I do, though, performing heavy lifting up multiple flights of stairs from 6:30 to 11:00 a.m. in the rain would not have been worth the additional time at BC.

First of all, volunteers are only compensated with two and a half extra days at BC and a T-shirt, which is not even that great. I mean, I could make it into a cutoff to show off my arms at the Plex on lift days, but that’s beside the point. For all of that work we should have received something else. I’m not asking for much more. Just the basics like food, water bottles, maybe some coffee.

This T-shirt makes it worth it

This T-shirt makes it worth it.



Oh, and those three extra move-in days? Boring.

I know you’re excited to see all your friends but guess what, your friends probably haven’t even moved in yet. There’s no nightlife unless you really search desperately for it. Unless you make plans there is absolutely nothing to do during the day.


It was honestly one of the only times I had idle time on campus since my own move-in day.

If you are dying to get to campus early, there are so many other ways to do it. Different on campus organizations like UGBC and SLC offer retreats and training programs that let you move in early. Something I find kind of ridiculous is that you can just email BC and request to move in early. You don’t even necessarily need a legitimate reason to do it.

Moving in is a lot of work, too. I lived on the first floor of Keyes South freshman year, so when I moved in it was the easiest thing that I’ve ever done. Unfortunately, every other dorm on campus is situated on some weird hill and has multiple floors and stairways.

The buildings on Upper even have stairs that go up and down on each floor between dorms, such as in CLXF. It basically guaranteed heavy lifting up multiple flights of stairs. Carrying a fridge on flat ground is heavy, so imagine going up a muddy hill and then up four flights of stairs. I almost felt like the Egyptian slaves who had to lug up stone blocks when I was pulling carts from the stone wall on Tudor Road up to the Fenwick side stairs.

To those of you considering Welcome Wagon next year, don’t do it unless you genuinely enjoy helping the freshmen move in and welcoming them to BC with a sweaty T-shirt on from carrying their stuff all day. Otherwise, you can wait to see your BFFL a couple more days. You’ll be sick of him or her after the first week anyway.

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