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Bursting the BC Bubble: Newton Centre

Ahh, Newton Centre. The moment a Newtonite discovers this adorable little town, his or her world is changed forever.

“You’re telling me there’s life outside of Hardy/Cush?!” You bet I am – and if you haven’t figured that out yet, you’re missing out on all the fun!

Newton Centre is a quaint little village with a central hub of restaurants and stores just a 15-minute walk down Centre Street from Newton Campus. Here you’ll find a post office, the Newton Center T-station, and your standard Chinese takeout restaurants, but what else lies beyond the Duchesne hill? Take the trek and see for yourself – you may just find your new favorite escape destination when you need a break from the pale, bleak walls of the Yellow Room.



How do I love thee, Panera? Let me count the ways.

Panera Bread is an extremely popular study spot for Newton kids. With plenty of tables, a warm atmosphere, and delicious sandwiches and salads, it’s the perfect place to bring a group of friends to study with, or to just curl up in a booth with your headphones and a highlighter. Plus they have soup in bread bowls. Case closed.



I can guarantee that many freshmen (myself included) shed a tear upon the discovery that once you set foot on Boston College’s campus, Starbucks seems to be nowhere in sight. You could always take the Comm. Ave bus down to Cleveland Circle, but when you’re sitting in the Keyes study lounge and suddenly get a caffeine craving, you can’t afford to waste one precious second. For any coffee lover who’s Team Starbs (sorry Dunkin, you get no love from me), this will become your lifesaver on those chilly winter nights when you just need that skinny vanilla latte pick-me-up.

J.P. Licks


I scream, you scream, we all scream for…oatmeal cookie ice cream? (No joke, it tastes like an actual oatmeal cookie). J.P. Licks is renowned as one of the best homemade ice cream chains in Boston. With flavors like oreo cake batter and cappuccino crunch, this ice cream is not messing around. It’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s the most delicious thing in the entire world. Your tastebuds will thank me later.

CVS and Walgreens

So you tried to turn your beds into bunk beds in your quad? If it went anything like this, you’ll probably need a Band-Aid or two.

When you’re in a pinch and need more shampoo or boxes of tissues ASAP, these two stores will become your new best friends. Bonus: you can send photos to CVS online and pick them up within the same day for when you want to add onto the masterpiece of a collage on your wall.



Is there a single person on this Earth who can honestly say they dislike fro-yo? It tastes just like ice cream, but is slightly healthier so you don’t feel as guilty afterwards! And I don’t know about you, but when I see those long bars full of endless fruits and toppings, the butterflies in my stomach start doing excited, hungry little somersaults. Yogurtland is brand new in Newton Centre this year, so go crazy, freshmen. Those sprinkles and strawberries aren’t going to eat themselves.

Johnny’s Luncheonette


Diners are the best. Old-fashioned diners are better. Diners that serve unbelievable French toast, classically delicious matzo ball soup, and overflowing pastrami sandwiches? Almost too good to be true.

Johnny’s is my personal favorite place to get breakfast in Newton Centre. I feel that the reason is self-explanatory, but just for clarification’s sake I’ll let the great Ron Swanson handle this one.

Tango Mango


Sooner or later there will come a day where you’re suddenly dying for a burrito but Chipotle seems so far away. Don’t fret, Tango Mango is here to satisfy your desedos. Whether you’re craving a quesadilla or yearning for a chimichanga, this is a great place for a quick bite – and don’t forget the guac!

Images via Facebook. Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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