BC to Boston: Get out of the Bubble!

At the beginning of each semester, my friends and I make the same empty promises—we’re going to actually make it to Boston this year. We’ll take some wholesome pictures whilst participating in wholesome activities. Okay, come on, (don’t judge) you know you and your friends have engaged in the same sort of conversation at some point during your BC career.

The sad truth is that we all go to Boston College, and yet, at times, traveling to Boston seems equivalent to traveling to Timbuktu. Most of us lack the motivation to leave our warm and fuzzy BC Bubble. Recently, with the creation of the student-run organization BC to Boston, it has become less arduous and pricey to cross “explore Boston” off of your BC Bucket List.

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

BC to Boston’s mission is pretty simple: “to motivate BC students to venture into the Boston area to take advantage of some of the coolest things the city has to offer.” It was founded in 2010, during the Malbida-Rabb administration. For those of you who were still wee-highschool-babies during this time (myself included), one of Malbida and Rabb’s main platform points was to create more off-campus opportunities for students due to the impending construction projects (Gasson and Stokes) and the student body’s desire to explore the city. BC2B was originally housed in the student life department of UGBC but, during this past year, with the program’s growing popularity and budget, it split off into its own department. This split has allowed the organization to plan events more efficiently and collaborate with other organizations on campus.

“We understand that it can be difficult to explore Boston on a student’s budget. So, we try to be practical while also giving students what they want,” said Kendall Stemper, the manager of BC to Boston.  “We’re really trying to focus on getting as many students to participate as we can…And having five different departments is a huge part of that.” Through Athletics, Dining, Fine Arts, Concerts/Comedy, and Special Events Departments, BC2B can offer a wide-range of events in Boston. Whether you’re interested in watching a highly-anticipated Bruins game in T.D. Garden or a hit Broadway musical, they've got your back.

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

What do they have planned for this year, you ask? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.  Jokes, jokes. This year’s BC to Boston budget is still in the works, but there are some exciting events that have already been confirmed. If you’re a Broadway geek be sure to check out Wicked, Book of Mormon, Flash Dance and Once (with a special BC to Boston discount, of course). Also look out for more concerts—maybe even the world-renowned Blue Man Group. And, for all of you Boston sports fanatics; expect more discounted Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics tickets.

Most importantly, BC to Boston wants to hear from you. Their goal is to host events that you all want to (and can afford to) go to! Email Kendall Stemper at stempeke@bc.edu or the BC to Boston email at bc2boston@gmail.com.

And be sure to check them out on Twitter or Facebook  for updates on the latest events and offers!

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