7 Reasons Why Conte Forum Needs O.A.R.

Let’s face it. For the past few years, UGBC’s seasonal concerts have been somewhat repetitive. Between Kid Cudi, Nelly, J. Cole, and Lupe Fiasco, the strongest variations between each show have pertained to the number of hospital transports and the concert start times.

Enter O.A.R., the first band to come to Conte Forum during my four years at Boston College that I would have willingly spent money to see perform at another venue. Don’t get me wrong — past fall and spring concerts have been a blast, but if Nelly put on a show at the House of Blues the BC turnout would be nothing compared to an O.A.R. show.

For those who still need some convincing, here are some reasons why O.A.R. is the breath of fresh air that Conte Forum needs for this year’s fall concert.

1.    Everyone can cling to summer for one last night. O.A.R. makes summer music, and according to the upcoming 90 degree weather report BC isn’t quite ready to admit that the summer is over. Once they start strummin’ those guitars and croonin’ those classic hits, you’ll instantly be transported back to those warm July nights when syllabuses weren’t weighing you down.

2.    O.A.R. sells live albums to give people the concert experience from their homes. O.A.R. has sold out Madison Square Garden — which is no easy feat — and they sell live albums just so that people can feel like they’re at an O.A.R. concert from their living rooms. Unlike many past performers, O.A.R. is much more than a studio artist. Performing is what these guys live to do.

3.    Who doesn’t love a throwback? Check Instagram on a Thursday afternoon and you will know that BC students really, really, really, really like throwbacks. O.A.R. may not exactly be in their prime, but their prime was pretty darn impressive. Their popularity is long-term, unlike the fleeting appeal of a one-hit-wonder or the rappers that used to play at our 7th grade dances.

4.    Their lyrics are relatable to any college student. “I Feel Home” is the only cure to midterm-induced homesickness.


5.    O.A.R. started out as a college band. Four of the members of O.A.R. are hometown buds, and they found their fifth and final member at Ohio State. It kind of makes you think twice about telling the guys down the hall to quiet down when they’re jamming out.

6.    They appeal to fans of all genres. O.A.R. technically qualifies as alternative rock, but their songs have influences of jazz, reggae, and even a bit of the blues.

7.    The whole stadium will be singing along. Rap is fun for late-night mod parties, but the sing-along potential of a Lupe Fiasco concert is limited at best. With hits like “Shattered,” “Love and Memories” and “That Was A Crazy Game of Poker” in their repertoire, there will be plenty of opportunity to rock out with the band.

Featured image via O.A.R.

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