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Eaglets on the Warpath: “Eagles on the Warpath”

(Note: “Eaglets on the Warpath” follows one new Superfan as she journeys through her freshman year at Boston College.) 

Apparently “Eagles on the Warpath” isn’t a thing.

At last Friday’s Wake Forest game (sorry we’re not sorry, Deacs!), I do recall a weak attempt at the infamous chant by a group of freshmen. Before the second string of “oooh, aaah’s” was over, the glares from upperclassmen deterred it’s continuation.

2276187Why the noble OL’s decided to teach it to us at orientation is beyond me. I guess their unwavering kindness and mentorship was too good to be true. In conclusion, my blog is named after an ignominious football chant, which I guess is fitting since I’m an inexperienced freshman after all.

Overall, the college football experience is the best thing ever. Too great of an overstatement? Hardly. We may have to stand continuously for three hours, except during halftime, but the influx of spirit in Alumni Stadium mends the foot ache (well, actually, not even a little bit... but it distracts from it.)

The game neither starts nor ends on the field. As you all know, game day is a 24-hour event. I started wearing my Superfan t-shirt at three o’clock and it stayed on under my BC sweatshirt until three the next morning.

High school football was nothing like this, at least for me. Our football team didn’t even have a mascot: we were The Vineyarders. Does that make us our own mascot? Dumb. We also didn’t have cheerleaders during senior year. Having been on the endangered species list for many years, the team eventually died out and we didn’t exactly care, either.

You can see why I was flabbergasted to find there’s three different types of cheerleaders on the field during the games! Together with the Screaming Eagles marching band, this explosion of cheer is contagious. There’s this guy I’ve seen around campus a few times, a fellow freshman, who I previously thought was allergic to smiling. Either he hates my guts or he’s a terribly miserable human being. I said hello to him last week and I got a grumpy cat face in return.


Anyway, I saw him at the Wake game during a rendition of “Sweet Caroline” and I could have mistaken him for a thinner, younger version of Jolly Old St. Nick himself.

I guess that’s just what the college football experience does to people.


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Top Ten Best Football Game Cheers and Songs From the Perspective of a Clueless Freshman

10. The fist pumping one. (I actually hate it because I can’t get the rhythm down, no matter how many thousands of times it’s played).
9. “Let’s go, BC, put some points on that boooaarrrd!” (too overdone, sorry)
8. “Blurred Lines”
7. “Build Me Up Buttercup”
6. The touchdown count thingy, which is way too fast for my ungainly fingers
5. The Fight Song
4. The cymbal one (better known as “O Fortuna”)
3. “Sweet Caroline”
2. “We Are BC"
1. “Eagles on the Warpath” (HAHA SUCK IT)

Images courtesy of Maddie Webster/Gavel Media
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