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Bursting the BC Bubble: 4Boston

When I reflect upon my time at Boston College thus far, many of my fondest memories revolve around service. At the beginning of my freshman year, I didn’t yet understand why everyone was so obsessed with this “commitment to serve others.” I thought we were eagerly applying to various volunteer programs to build our résumés. We had to get into med school somehow, right?

By the end of my first semester, my viewpoint changed completely. I was no longer pre-med but I loved the volunteer work I was doing. I feel as if I learned as much volunteering in Boston as I did in my classes. To say the least, my BC experience wouldn’t be as strong without the service I do in Boston, our home.

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, I urge you to get involved with volunteering in Boston, and 4Boston is undoubtedly one of the best ways to do so. 4Boston members are devoted to weekly service at their placement, where they continually build a relationship with those whom they serve. Volunteers also participate in an hour reflection with their service group each week. This hour helps students find meaning and understanding in the volunteer work they are doing, as well as build a tight bond between their group.

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

When asked how 4Boston will help volunteers better understand the city of Boston, Silvia Turk, Co-chair of 4 Boston, said “4Boston has 29 different placements around the city, which helps volunteers get a sense of what life is like outside of the BC bubble and outside of Newton. It really opens volunteers' eyes to the different lifestyles around the city.” Boston College provides an unbelievable community in itself, but it is also a part of an even bigger community. We should strive to experience this community as much as possible.

Since 4Boston has so many different placements to choose from, it easy for volunteers to find the right placement that fits their schedule. Also, placements are not all near BC. They are located in 13 different sections of the city.

4Boston applications are due this Friday, September 13th, so there is still time to apply. If you are considering applying Silvia mentions that, “I think that this year 4Boston is looking mostly for volunteers who are committed to service and open to growth.  We promise a certain number of hours and volunteers to our placements, so it is crucial that we select volunteers whose schedules match up with their placements and who will be able to serve on a weekly basis.  We also look for volunteers who are open to new experiences and who want to grow through the service that they do, as well as through group reflections.”

If you are willing to commit and looking to grow both in and outside of BC, why not take the time to apply to 4Boston? We all love Boston College, but a few hours off campus can be rewarding. Take the time to leave the BC bubble and explore the vibrant city that is just a few T stops away.

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