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Dallas Green: Colouring the Boston Orpheum

I know you came here for a concert preview, but let’s begin with a quick comparison. First, check out this post-hardcore band called Alexisonfire.

“Born and Raised”


See the guitarist with the white button-down shirt, the one who is responsible for the addition of non-screamy vocals to Alexisonfire? That’s Dallas Green, and this is his solo project.

“Like Knives”


Talk about musical eclecticism.

“Like Knives” is one of the songs off of Green’s first solo album under the moniker City and Colour. The album, Sometimes, was released in 2005 and features a collection of well-praised songs that he had posted online. In short, Sometimes is an album of sad songs made even sadder with its raw, acoustic sound. The album was released in physical form in 2009.

Green’s second album, Bring Me Your Love, was released in 2008. This album, although still relatively sorrowful, features a transformation from the rawness of Sometimes. The incorporation of more instruments, including the banjo and harmonica, gives this album more of a folk feel. Check out “Constant Knot,” a soft song featuring the clapping and tambourine that we so often see in folk music.

“Constant Knot”


In 2011, Green steered away from the gloomy yet catchy nature of his previous work in exchange for a more rock-influenced concept. His third album is Little Hell, and it received generally positive reviews as an alternative album with the same sort of countryish folk tinge focused upon in earlier albums. Still, it’s considered to be extremely different from his past work. “Fragile Bird” is a great indicator of the more alternative nature of the third album.

“Fragile Bird”


Earlier this year, City and Colour released its fourth album, The Hurry and the Harm. This album was responsible for the band’s highest-ever position on the charts and received much praise. Compared to previous albums, The Hurry and the Harm is more consistent and well thought out. The songs flow as a unit, whereas on previous albums it seemed more like differently styled songs thrown together. Another attribute of the fourth album is that Green combines the different styles of previous albums coherently; namely, the acoustic folk of Sometimes and Bring Me Your Love with the alternative rock of Little Hell. This successful melding of genres is evident in “Paradise.”



Green will be gracing the Orpheum with his presence on September 14. I'll see you there.

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