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Drown Yourself in Love and Memories: Top 10 O.A.R. Songs

O.A.R. (short for “Of a Revolution”) is a rock band that hails from Rockville, Maryland. They have been making music since their time at Ohio State University in the late '90s, constantly developing their signature sound. A blend of roots rock with some reggae influences and some good ole jamming during live shows is what gives the band their unique style. Their live shows are also legendary for their energy and crazy jam sessions.

Lucky for us, UGBC has booked O.A.R. for the Fall concert. This is a great opportunity for those of you who have never heard of the band to get exposed to what I honestly think is one of the greatest bands of the last ten years.

If I’m doing my job right you’re now thinking to yourself, “Self, how could you not have heard of O.A.R. before this?? You’re going to this concert with no knowledge of this obviously incredible band! YOU HAD ONE JOB!”

If that’s the case then fear not, citizen! I’m here to give you a brief list of some of O.A.R.’s best songs. So if you’ve only heard “Shattered” or “This Town,” check this list out, as you’ll get a taste of some hidden gems that are just as good as any of O.A.R.’s big hits.

10. “Wonderful Day”


The intro to this song is great. Layered guitars cut the air. Hi-hat city. Then BOOM – the horns come in. Also, the chorus just makes you want to smile. Seriously, I dare you not to be happy listening to Marc Roberge singing about “the best damn day.”

9. “Lay Down”


This track is pretty slick and shows how the band plays with some stereotypical reggae sounds in really unique, energetic,way.

8. “Love and Memories”


I’ve seen this song performed live twice, and although it’s much more straightforward rock than most of my favorite O.A.R. selections, it is an incredible live experience. Just imagine Conte packed with people screaming the chorus at the top of their collective lungs. Epic.

7. “Hey Girl”


This is actually the third version of this song the band has done, and it’s by far the best. It’s polished, energetic and has a message that lots of people can relate to.

6. “If Only She Knew”


This song has been stuck in my head ever since they announced the Fall concert. The lyrics tell a story of an unrequited something-kinda-like-love that make you really sympathize with the storyteller.

5. “About Mr. Brown”


This one is a crowd favorite, so if they play it on Friday, get ready for a solid jam. The use of concert footage in the music video gives you a feel for what’s in store at an actual live show.

4. “Program Director”


“Program Director,” a very reggae-infused song, is a great track to sing along to. It takes me back to summer days in Bethany Beach, Delaware, where my high school buddies and I would let the music and powerful sunshine take us to our happy place.

3. “Night Shift”


As demonstrated in this video, lead singer Marc Roberge sometimes completely riffs intros to live versions of songs. It’s pretty sick way to shake things up. The band has taken to playing this song and then quickly transferring to a cover of reggae legend Bob Marley’s song “Stir it Up.” It’s actually pretty ingenious and a serious crowd-pleaser.

2. “Something Coming Over”


This is personally my favorite O.A.R. song. It tells a happy love story mirrored by a happy guitar and horn combo dancing in the background. Even though it’s on the same album as “Shattered,” which is largely considered their most popular song, I find that this song is so much more genuine and heartfelt.

1. “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker”


You simply cannot make a list of the best O.A.R. songs without “Poker.” As far as any die-hard fan is concerned, it is the quintessential live jam song. If you are going to the show you MUST learn the words to this song. I’m telling you, the feeling of belting this out with everyone around you will be unreal.

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