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Live and Memories: O.A.R. Comes to BC

Alternative rock band O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) came to Boston College last night as the headliner for this year’s Fall Concert at Conte Forum. With a set that included modern hits such as "Shattered (Turn the Car Around)" and live staples like “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker,” the 1,200-person crowd enjoyed the event.


After kicking off their set with three career-spanning cuts “About Mr. Brown,” “Dareh Meyod,” and “Night Shift” with a Bob Marley cover thrown in for good measure, lead singer Marc Roberge exclaimed, “I like this crowd! This is gonna be fun!”

The band kicked into the 2005 gold-certified single “Love and Memories,” and the maroon and gold infused crowd erupted in unison. As the band backed away and asked the crowd to finish the chorus, the crowd gladly followed through, providing one of the night’s many highlights.

The Fall Concert, put on by UGBC, began with BC's own DJ, Alex Perez. Conte Forum was oriented so that the stage functioned in a more intimate atmosphere, and as students trickled into the arena Alex’s mashups acted as a great opening for the night.


Rapper Moe Pope was next, balancing the show by bringing something for the hip-hop enthusiasts in the crowd. Awarded the 2012 Boston Music Award for “Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year,” he brought a needed energy to the stage. Noticing that too many students were sitting down through his set, Moe Pope asserted, “I’m gonna sit down if you sit down. Stand up,” prompting the settled crowd to get up and out of their seats.

Blending his aggressive sense of performance with three other band members, Moe Pope lived up to his aforementioned accolades and worked the crowd.


Prior to taking the stage, O.A.R. took time to greet the members of UGBC and thank them for putting on such a well-run event. Roberge told the undergraduate group that he and his bandmates “were going to keep playing until we earned our keep. Trust us, it's gonna be fun.”

Taking the stage to “O-A-R” chants, the band showed off the chops that they have honed as a constantly touring live act for more than fifteen years. During the middle of their set, the band, feeling loose, asked the crowd for suggestions. One especially creative fan began spelling out a song title with his arms, prompting the band to launch into a rendition of “Untitled” off of their second album, Soul’s Aflame.

O.A.R.’s roots and reggae infused blend of alternative rock has been popular on college campuses for some time now, and Conte Forum was no exception. The band closed their set with “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker” off of their first album, The Wanderer. In stride, a concertgoer shouted, “My life is complete!” right before belting out the rest of the nearly 9 minute long song’s final chorus with his friends arm in arm.

Before the show, O.A.R. guitarist Richard On told the Gavel that the band is currently working on follow-up to 2011’s King. The currently untitled album should be expected by spring, and if the Fall Concert was any indication, fans of O.A.R. should have something to look forward to very soon.

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