The Five People You Wish Didn't Have Your Number

When it comes to your group chat, you most likely have a well established etiquette amongst you and your friends on what is or is not acceptable when it comes to group texting. Yet there is always that person who makes you wish Steve Jobs were still alive to create a way for you to delete members from the group message. There's always that one person who sometimes makes you wish they didn’t have your phone number. Here are a few trends we've noticed that emerge in the world of group chats:

 1.     The one who always has a side conversation with someone else in the group text.

If your best friend happens to be in your math class, that’s awesome. By all means ask her for help when you are stuck on a tricky homework problem. But for the sake of the rest of the group, just text your friend directly. No one else really cares about how you graphed the trigonometric function in #32.


Photo Courtesy of Itzel Ayala/ Gavel Media Staff

 2.     The T-bomber

Whether it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon or 3 o’clock in the morning, receiving an unwanted slew of messages from that one talkative person in your group is never fun. Word to the wise: don’t be that person.  If no one replies to your texts, chances are they are busy or aren’t near his or her phone. You sending 10 unanswered texts is not going to make people respond any faster.

 3.     The visitors

So you and another member of the group text went to go visit a mutual friend at another school – awesome. We are all so happy that you two are having the time of your lives there but do we really need to know that everyone is going to that guy’s room across campus? I do not know where or what St. Joe’s dorm is nor do I care. (See #1).

 4.     The person who mixes up groups

We’ve all been there: you have three group chats going at once, and you’re trying to watch the football game on TV while frantically cramming for tomorrow’s psych exam. Your phone is blowing up with messages, and each group involves a different combination of parents, friends, and classmates. Accidentally, you send a message to one group that is meant for another. When this happens, the results can be devastating: feelings can be hurt and secrets can be unintentionally revealed—and you might inadvertently tell your dad about Friday night’s Mod-hopping escapades. Avoid the ensuing embarrassment, regret and drama by always knowing exactly who is on the receiving end of your texts.

 5.     The iMessage Snapchatter

This is the selfie queen and feels the need to send the entire group hourly updates about how she is feeling based on various facial expressions. I’m sorry but that is what Snapchat is for. Then again maybe its not the worst thing to have those pictures forever…

As convenient as group messages are, the amount of times phones have been thrown at the wall to be forever silenced from group texts is more than was expected when group messages were created. Next time, maybe just turn the sounds off.

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