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Eagles Handed a 22-point Underdog Status for Saturday

Based off of the disappointing USC vs. BC blowout game last weekend, some people say a minor miracle may be necessary for Boston College to prevail over Florida State University. Unfortunately, distraught SuperFans aren’t the only ones who think this. The Las Vegas sports bookers are predicting FSU to win by 22 points. With such a large spread, BC’s chances look bleak.

But judging how the college football season has gone for sports bookers, this prediction may be far from reality.

These same people gave Colorado State a zero percent chance (let me repeat myself: ZERO PERCENT CHANCE) to win over Alabama last weekend. This heart-shattering statistic was based on 10,000 game simulations and rounded off to one decimal point (just another example of why you should always round up).

With such minuscule odds, why would Colorado State even show up to play? Why stand the embarrassment of looking like a middle school football team against the ginormous, practically professional Alabama team? Alabama has been the number one team in the nation for the past few years. How could Colorado State even stand a chance?

Well, surprisingly, they did. Colorado State was able to put 6 points on the board and shocked the Roll Tide fans when they were only down by 11 points with less than 12 minutes left in the game. As a 36-point underdog, Colorado State did exceed expectations (though I guess that’s not hard to do when you are given a zero percent chance of winning).

A few years ago I went to the Appalachian State vs. University of Michigan football game. No one would have ever predicted Appalachian State to beat one of the best teams in the country.  But Michigan was caught off guard and suffered the devastation of an exceedingly embarrassing loss.  Back then we learned that even the nation’s powerhouse football teams are not invincible.

Florida State is one of those supposedly superhuman football teams. They are currently ranked No. 8 in the country and in every game so far they have scored over 40 points, defeating their opponents by an average of 44 points. They tore Pittsburgh to shreds on prime time TV in their first game, annihilated Nevada and Bethune Cookman, and certainly demonstrated that they are a team not to be taken lightly.bc football

Maybe that explains why they are 22 point favorites over BC this weekend and why there’s not too much confidence coming from the sports world for the Eagles. Sure, BC beat Villanova and Wake Forest, but those were two relatively average football teams. The Eagles then proceeded to get blown out by a USC team which had been struggling with a myriad of football-related issues. Is there any hope for the Eagles this Saturday?

With an extra week of preparation time and a team determined to be great and bounce back, I think BC will shatter everybody’s pessimistic predictions.  BC will not only cover the spread, I think they have a chance to win. I know this statement may seem unrealistic, but I truly believe BC can win this game.

If BC can start the game off strong by using the run game to open up the opportunity for passes, BC can put some points on the scoreboard. Lead by the formidable Alex Amidon, Chase Rettig and Andre Williams, BC has an offense that can be explosive. With well-thought-out play calling by Ryan Day, BC’s offensive coordinator, the Eagles can expose the Seminole defense. Because of Florida State’s high-powered offense, it is absolutely imperative for BC to score early. Not only will this keep the SuperFans motivated to stay past halftime, screaming at the top of their lungs that “We want more," it will also boost the Eagles’ morale.

Head Coach Steve Addazio recently told ESPN Boston how the focus for the past two weeks has been on fundamentals, because against talented teams like USC and FSU, mistakes get magnified. Those mistakes are how games get out of hand and turn into the debacles that we all saw two weeks ago at USC. With more attention on the basics, I expect a more balanced game with fewer slip-ups.

I have confidence in Coach Addazio to refocus the Eagles for this difficult match-up. I have faith that the Eagles can be competitive against the Seminoles. I am optimistic that BC will smash the sports books' prediction of losing by 22 points. I have hope that Boston College can win!

In making this bold prediction I want to reference the movie we all love, Miracle. As we saw in that movie, anything can happen as long as you believe you can win. Don’t give up hope. Don’t leave the game after the first touchdown Florida State scores. Don’t constantly reference the failures of last week’s USC game.

But do ask yourself this question, “Do you believe in miracles?”

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