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Lost in Boston: Where to Go, What to See

You’re feeling adventurous. You’ve heard about the infamous “BC Bubble,” and decide today is the day to get out and explore that amazing city only a few miles away. You hop on the T, squish yourself against a window, and then decide to get off at Copley Station. Suddenly, there are swarms of people surrounding you and your once confident city-persona starts to fade. Fortunately, Boston is packed with activities for both veteran and novice city dwellers alike, and it only takes a few steps to begin the experience everyone hopes for when visiting downtown.

For the majority of students whose days almost always entail hours of homework, Boston is a great change of scenery. Located right outside the Copley T-stop, the Boston Public Library offers countless rooms of peaceful study opportunities. The library not only holds immense study space, but hundreds of books and references needed to assist any assignment. The historic architecture combined with the quiet setting makes the public library the perfect place to spend the day studying. For others who can’t endure spending a beautiful day indoors, the vast span of greenery, lakes, and gazebos make the Boston Commons and Gardens another great alternative study spot. Grab a bench, throw down a blanket, and enjoy the blue skies while experiencing a historic part of the city. For those looking for a more low key spot, step into one of the quaint cafes that line every street in Boston for some coffee and free WiFi.

Photo by Christie Merino / Gavel Media

Photo by Christie Merino / Gavel Media Staff

One fantastic place to grab a quick jolt is Trident Booksellers and Café. Located on Newbury Street just a short walk from Copley or Hynes, Trident houses some of the best coffee and specialty drinks in the area. Feel free to hog a table and order nothing more than a drink and an appetizer. No one will rush you in this student-friendly café.

When granted a few hours of free time, the city provides opportunity for students to experience something new outside of Boston College. Needing only a student ID, students can expand their cultural horizon and venture to the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum sits across from Northeastern’s campus on Huntington Ave. with a T station right outside, making transportation easily accessible. Different exhibits are rotated into the museum throughout the year so there is always something new to see, like last year’s Mario Testino “In Your Face” exhibit. After exploring the museum, and checking out the MFA, students can head to the New England Aquarium, which recently renovated its Giant Ocean Tank to now hold over 2,000 animals of numerous species. With a discounted price for college students, the Aquarium provides a cheap, stress-free afternoon away from school.

Photo taken by Christie Merino / The Gavel

Photo by Christie Merino / Gavel Media Staff

With its teasing window displays and fresh smells in every direction, leaving Boston without stopping at least once for a pick me up snack or meal is next to impossible. Instead of ducking inside the nearest Chipotle or UNO’s chain, look around for one of the authentic food trucks parked along the street. The trucks provide a multitude of options, ranging from the classic American Hotdog to Vietnamese inspired creations. For those with a specific type of food in mind, points out exactly where food trucks are stationed each day. With typically short lines, the trucks ensure on-the-go freshness for even the busiest day. And if you happen to see the “Cookie Monstuh” truck outside Copley Square, don’t even bother testing your willpower. It’s worth every gooey bite.

Feature image via Flickr/bmadeira15. 

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