5 Ways to "Prep yoself" for Parks and Recreation

Today marks a day of great joy, humor, and yes, local government. That’s right, folks, today is the Season 6 premiere of Parks and Recreation!

For those who don’t already watch this sunshine-filled half-hour of television every Thursday night, it’s time to start. Right now. Although Parks and Recreation had a somewhat shaky beginning as it struggled to differentiate itself from other workplace comedies such as The Office and 30 Rock, it quickly found its niche as a consistently positive show, full of very strange but very loveable characters who never fail to make us laugh. Now a veteran of the Thursday night comedy lineup, Parks and Recreation is certainly worth a look. If you need some more motivation to start netflixing, just think about Amy Poehler. Can you hear her warm, contagious cackle in your head? Now start watching. For those who’ve already had the pleasure of watching every episode (once, twice, maybe three times) here’s a list of necessary preparations to get you ready for the big event.

1. Grab some snacks.


Everyone knows Leslie Knope is a fan of waffles. In fact, she once ranked waffles above friends and work, which is quite a statement for a work-loving bureaucrat such as herself. While we can’t all match Leslie’s level of commitment to these sugary gifts from the breakfast gods, we can eat a few in her honor. Some other options for Parks and Rec snacking include big ol’ cookies, long ass rice, bean blankies, and maybe even a cool glass of super water. If none of those Tom Haverford-isms made any sense to you, check out the video below.


For viewers over 21, consider grabbing a glass of Snake Juice, Pawnee’s premier alcoholic beverage. Just be careful not to overindulge, because Snake Juice consumption has been known to result in excessive giggling, inappropriate singing, and rapid outbursts in Spanish.


2. Surround yourselves with friends.


One of the great love stories of Parks and Recreation isn’t really a love story at all, but rather the story of Leslie and Ann, who prove that ovaries should always come before brovaries. Ann Perkins, once deemed by Leslie to be a “beautiful, tropical fish” and a “beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby” is not only Leslie’s best friend and most trusted nurse, but also one of the only relatively normal characters on the show. While she may be leaving the show this season (excuse me while I sob for a bit), we still have a few more episodes to enjoy her epic friendship with Leslie. And what better way to enjoy television friendships than by watching them with friends! So grab your best friend, your floormates, and even that kid who looks like he needs a friend (I’m looking at you, Jerry) and enjoy a night of laughter and bonding!

3. Get dressed up in your best swag.

Pawnee’s resident swag-master, Tom Haverford, would be horrified if viewers weren’t looking their best for this big night. So grab your dopest fedora, put on a nice velvet blazer, and have your most fly shades handy. If you really feel moved by the Parks and Rec spirit, you might consider donning a nice Leslie-esque pantsuit. You may not be entirely comfortable, but you will be ready for any political emergencies that might occur.

Or maybe just put on some comfy pajamas. That’s probably fine too.

4. Say a prayer for Lil’ Sebastian.


Not quite a pony, not quite a horse, Indiana’s resident mini-horse, Lil’ Sebastian, captured our hearts the first time he galloped across our tv screens. Although Ben Wyatt still doesn’t understand the appeal of this magical mini-horse, we know that all faithful Gavel readers hold Lil’ Sebastian dear and will remember to think of him from time to time when they hear a faint neigh or the stomping of tiny horse feet. In honor of Lil’ Sebastian’s full life and untimely death, I present a short quote from his obituary, which was written by his loyal friend and dedicated follower, Leslie Knope.

“He was an animal, a legend, a friend. He was our beacon of light. He was Pawnee's horse. In what is surely the most monumental news to come out of Pawnee since the eradication of smallpox in 1993, it is with sorrow that we report: Li'l Sebastian is dead. But he will never leave our hearts and our memories.”

5. Treat yo’ self.


While Tom and Donna may treat themselves with clothes, fragrances, massages, mimosas, and fine leather goods, you can treat yo’ self by enjoying this half hour away from all the stress and anxiety of your busy week. Immerse yourself in the hilarious happenings of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation department, where Perspectives reading doesn’t exist and roommates never leave the light on way too late. And if you laughed a lot (which is a guarantee), tune in next week for another episode of pure genius!


Images via Tumblr