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Orphaned on Parent's Weekend

It’s easy to feel left out on parents’ weekend if you're the only one whose parents are not making the journey up to Boston. If that is the case, here are some tips to make you feel less like an orphan during the next three days of fun-filled family events.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


1.     Take advantage of the alone time.

When was the last time you had your dorm room all to yourself for more than an hour? While your roommates are out entertaining their parents and siblings, feel free to blast your favorite music and lounge around in your underwear. We won’t tell anyone.


2.     Hop on the green line inbound.

Despite taking almost 40 minutes to reach the city, the delicious selection of food in Quincy Market and endless shopping on Newbury Street  will be well worth the wait. Don’t be afraid to try out a new restaurant or boutique; you can impress your friends with your cultural knowledge next weekend. And who knows—you just might bond with some other orphans-for-the-weekend on your adventure.

Image via Instagram/bostoncollege

Image via Instagram/bostoncollege

3.     Catch up on homework.

The worst part about having your parents visit for the weekend is when everyone goes home, you’re left with a boatload of homework to do all on Sunday night. Lucky for you, this doesn’t have to happen. Use your free time to catch up in a class where you are already behind in work. Feeling really ambitious? Maybe even try to get a head start on next week’s homework. It may not seem like a fun alternative now, but you’ll definitely thank yourself (and this extremely helpful Gavel article) in a few days.

 4.     Tag along to your friends’ family dinners.

If your roommate is planning on going to Legal Seafood for dinner with his or her family after the football game and there’s any way you can score an invite, then by all means, do so.

 5.     FaceTime your own family.

Seeing all the happy families reuniting for the weekend is bound to make even the most independent BC student feel a tad homesick. Beat the parents’ weekend blues by having a nice long FaceTime call with mom & dad. Even though they can’t be with you, seeing their faces might be that little something you need to make it to Monday.

So if you’re an orphan this weekend, don’t panic. The sun’ll come out…on Monday.

Featured image via Facebook/Boston College Alumni 
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