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All Eyes on Elizabeth Warren

Barack Obama may have been reelected only ten months ago, but Washington D.C. is already buzzing about Elizabeth Warren as a potential 2016 presidential candidate for the Democrats, based on her efforts to fight for the middle class.

Elected in November 2012, Warren was appointed the Massachusetts Senate seat to replace Ted Kennedy. Time Magazine has named her “A New Sherriff of Wall Street” and she has been listed as on of the magazine’s Top 100 Influential People. She has won praise  most recently for advocating change in student loan policies.

Go Elizabeth, go! Image via twp/Wikimedia Commons.

Go Elizabeth, go!
Image via twp/Wikimedia Commons.

For students in the midst of taking out multiple student loans, Warren is definitely someone to look out for. Though her proposal failed to pass in Congress, she fought to set student loan rates equal to what big corporations pay to make college more affordable. In context, federal student debt rates have soared to $1 billion. The bill had the support of over one million civilians and over a thousand college professors.

Warren, along with the Departments of Justice and Education, has questioned Sallie Mae’s student loan practices. Sallie Mae is the nation’s largest student loan company and is not implementing the Obama administration’s initiatives to reduce student debt. Warren continues to shed light on issues that matter to college-age students.

She has also persevered to alleviate economic hardship for the middle class. “Few politicians on the national stage right now are as effective as Senator Warren in channeling the anger of hardworking Americans as the rich get richer and the working class gets left behind,” says Doug Kendall of The Huffington Post.

Another option for 2016. Image via moishfriendman/Flickr.

Another option for 2016.
Image via moishfriendman/Flickr.

In a recent speech, Warren voiced concerns about how the Supreme Court increasingly favors corporate interests over the people’s interest, based on a new study. She is continuing to stand firm on her beliefs despite Republican backlash.

Based on her current popularity, Warren is likely to be a presidential candidate in 2016. Her fight to help the middle class with economic issues has an “invaluable reserve of legitimacy in the public at a time when the economy is reeling from the mistakes of Wall Street insiders and politicians who are loyal to them,” says Shwetika Baijal of Policymic.

Image via United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau/Wikimedia Commons.

Image via United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau/Wikimedia Commons.

Warren has additionally received a lot of attention from political gurus, Obama’s economic advisor and even the president himself, who asked her to help create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Supporters have praised her for sticking to a clear agenda, especially after holding a Senate position for less than a year.

At the recent Take Back the American Dream Conference, Warren was one of the few names to be mentioned as a potential candidate. Thirty-two percent of the people there said they could see Warren as the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, a higher percentage than any other candidate.

“It tells you something about Warren's status as a rock star of the left,” said Molly Ball of The Atlantic.  “Before the Massachusetts Senate candidate has even won her first election she's being pumped as a future presidential candidate.” With the general election more than three years away, this is only the beginning for Warren.

Featured image via Edward Kimmel/Flickr.

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