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Best in Town: Neighborhood Hotspots for BC Renters

Jumpshell, a blog centered around Boston living, recently came out with an article listing the top ten neighborhoods in Boston. The top four rankings all happen to be within driving range of BC’s campus. For those who have not yet found that off campus dream home, or even seniors looking to stay in the area after graduation, here’s the countdown on the top contenders.

4. Cambridge


Photo courtesy of Tori Fisher/ Gavel Media Staff

Although Cambridge sits only three miles away from campus, the trip takes nearly an hour on the T. For those with their own form of transportation, this is a great option for students. If students can get past the overwhelming mass of Harvard apparel seen on every street corner, they’ll find that Cambridge offers something for everyone. Sitting right along the Charles, it only takes one visit to realize the appeal of the city. Flooded with charming gift shops and popular restaurants, Cambridge is the definition of a college student’s dream town. With this picture-perfect neighborhood unfortunately comes a not so picture perfect price tag. Rent in Cambridge racks up close to $3,000 a month, so we understand if you stick to day trips only.

3. Brighton

Located right in BC’s backyard, it’s no surprise Brighton made this list. The affordable housing combined with no hassle realtors, assure that the houses of Brighton are packed with BC students. Brighton’s near location and convenience draws BC students every year, with rentable houses beginning as close as Lake Street, next to Dunkin Donuts and the T-stop. The safe, college-oriented nature of Brighton makes it a smart pick for current students looking for a quick and easy solution to off-campus housing. Timmy Frakes, a sophomore at BC, chose to rent a house on Foster Street over CoRo, saying the best part was, “having [my] own room and being able to get away from stressful school life at the end of the day.” Like Allston, Brighton provides the perfect balance between escaping campus life and still feeling part of the BC community.

2. Fenway

Calling all sports fans or anyone looking to soak in the city life. Fenway’s downtown location lands this neighborhood in second place. Loaded with trendy venues, the area is a popular spot for Boston locals and students looking for a night on the town. Whether you’re strolling down bar-filled Lansdowne Street (right across from BC’s beloved Who’s On First), grabbing a bite at a local food-joint, or watching America’s favorite pastime, Fenway will not disappoint when it comes to nightlife. Due to the downtown location, prices in the area top the charts, averaging almost $3,000 a month, but the area is a short T ride away from campus, and close to all the major sites in Boston. If you’re willing to splurge, we’d recommend this hype-filled hot spot, it’s quite the steal…get it?

1. Allston


Photo courtesy of Tori Fisher/ Gavel Media Staff

Located just a few miles from campus, the neighborhoods of Allston are within walking distance, yet are still far enough away for students to escape the rush of campus life. This neighborhood takes the top prize due to the high numbers of young people living in the area.  For those looking to meet new people, Allston is a melting pot of local college students. Even though the neighborhood is a sweet spot for young renters, monthly rent prices are relatively high, averaging a little over $2,000 a month. However, with Comm. Ave, Brighton Ave, and Harvard Ave running through the city, this prime location connects the neighborhood to many other top spots in Boston. If the location isn’t enough to sell you, maybe the charming village feel or the picturesque brownstones will.
So whether you’re looking to stay close or spread out, Boston has no shortage of great living opportunities. Don’t be afraid to check out somewhere new! Click here for a complete list of Boston Neighborhoods.

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