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Bursting the BC Bubble: Cleveland Circle

Tons of freshmen at Boston College are so excited to hop on the T and explore Boston that they skip over the convenient locations closer to campus!

Located in the Brighton District, Cleveland Circle is only a ten-minute shuttle ride away; just get off at the Reservoir stop and walk down a block to Beacon Street. If you are trying to get into Boston it is super easy to take the T from either the Reservoir Stop on the D-Line or from the Cleveland Circle Stop on the C-Line; both options are much shorter than waiting through all the stops on the B-Line from the BC stop. Or if you simply want to eat something other than food from Mac this is the place to go. Cleveland Circle has plenty of great eateries with reasonable prices and it’s a great place to spend a Friday night.


Freshmen on the Newton Campus might complain about having to take two shuttles but trust me as a Duchesne resident it’s worth the trip. The food is great, the ride is easy, and it’s much better than striking out at the Mods and just eating at Lower.



 Oh Chipotle: God’s gift to mankind in a soft burrito shell. Its always imperative to know where the closest Chipotle and for BC students, this is it. Whether you’re in love with Chipotle (like myself) or you are simply craving a delicious burrito then head down Beacon St. and get some Guac-filled goodness.

Cityside Bar


 Part of the convenience and attraction of Cleveland Circle is the exciting nightlife. Cityside Bar is an excellent place to grab a drink and catch a Bruins game. I certainly can’t speak from experience but there is always a lively atmosphere emanating from the bar and upstairs patio of Cityside that makes me wish I wasn’t a young, alcohol-free, underage freshman.

Roggie’s Pizza

There are a few solid Pizza places close to Boston College campus and Roggie’s may be one of the better. It might not meet the standards of a student from New York, but it is certainly a solid dinner option. Maybe you’re in the lounge in your PJs about to watch The Notebook with your friends and you want some solid food, order from Roggie’s (free delivery within three miles)!  Or grab a slice before heading over to Gerald Street for an off-campus “social event.” Either way Roggie’s Pizza will definitely hit the spot (Their Boneless Buffalo Chicken is life-changing).

Fin’s Japanese Sushi

Fin’s is another BC favorite and one of the only places around Chestnut Hill to pick up some good sushi. I am a big fan of sushi so I will definitely try to go often, feel free to join me. Whether you dine in or have it delivered, Fin’s is a great choice any day of the week

Eagle’s Deli


Eagle’s Deli is one of those places that every BC student should visit at least once. It’s famous for its eagle challenge burger, 5 lbs. of beef, which was featured on Man Versus Food and if you can finish one of their various challenge burgers (including the Cowabunga and Reily Burgers) then you have your picture taken and put on the wall.


If you’d rather not put on ten pounds in one meal, you can try a delicious normal-sized burger and still be well fed; the breakfast options are also great and definitely worth trying.


If you aren’t a fan of Chipotle for some reason (gasp!) then Boloco is a great option.  With an eye for the international, Boloco features interesting burrito choices like the Memphis BBQ or Bangok Thai. Of course you can always just make your own burrito but I’d suggest the burrito specials. With a delicious nutella milkshake and a side of chips and guacamole, you’re good to go!


Real Deal

Not as infamous as Eagle’s Deli but comparable in quality, Real Deal is also located on Beacon Street and offers great burger selections. I’d recommend the green monster but honestly you’d be fine with anything, including some solid sandwiches. At reasonable prices, Real Deal is another great option in Cleveland Circle.

Fruitee Yogurt

I hate to admit that I’ve joined the cult, but yes fro-yo is very delicious. A great alternative to White Mountain’s ice cream, Fruitee has some delicious frozen yogurt flavors like Chocolate & Hazelnut and Salted Caramel (yum!) at solid prices. Fruitee is a great dessert option if you’re still hungry after eating at one of these great restaurants.

Photos by Amanda Ikard