BC falls to Heisman-worthy Winston, Florida State

Jameis Winston returned to Tallahassee with a lot more tomahawks on his helmet than before. In fact, after his performance in Saturday’s football game, one wouldn’t be surprised to see Winston being downright revered by FSU fanatics. Winston, after all, was the principle reason that Florida State cruised to a 48-34 victory over BC on Saturday.

He bailed out the 'Noles from losing to a BC squad that shattered the Vegas point spread and the predictions of many critics.

Keep in mind that while Winston did have an unbelievable game, completing 17 of 28 passes for 330 yards, running for 67 more yards and throwing four touchdown passes, Boston College’s performance cannot be overlooked. In a game where BC was expected to be pummeled into the ground, they played valiantly and surprised most members of the audience by jumping out to an early 17-3 lead.

Though Winston was, justifiably so, the focal point after the game,  Chase Rettig had an impressive day, completing 19 of 29 passes for 197 yards and a career-high four touchdown passes.  Andre Williams, as always, embodied something of a complete animal, and ran for 149 yards on 28 carries.

What is most important, however, is the fact that Boston College was leading for most of the first half. It was not until one second left in the 2nd quarter when one play changed the course of the whole game.

The student section was relentlessly loud in the first half. Anthony Golden / The Gavel.

The student section was relentlessly loud in the first half.
Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

Winston’s chances of scoring before the half and giving his team the lead looked bleak. The FSU dual-threat QB received the ball from the center, and, after eluding two sack attempts, heaved the ball as far down the field as he could. In some kind of superhuman effort, Kenny Shaw appeared out of nowhere to maneuver around BC’s pass coverage and catch the football over the extended hands of Spenser Rositano, stumbling into the end zone for a last-second touchdown.

 Not only did Winston manage to put his team (albeit somewhat undeservingly) into the lead right as the half ended, but he also pulled off a very Flutie-esque play in the stadium that once housed the legend himself.  We can only view Winston as the freak athlete he is, and perhaps the kind of player BC needs to regain national prominence.

When he pulled off his helmet after the play, his passion was let loose as he went to celebrate with the rest of the Seminoles.  This was only matched by the silence of Alumni Stadium -- the complete shock that Eagles players, coaches and fans were experiencing.  If you’re looking for a turning point in the game, Winston’s Houdini-like escape in the pocket that resulted in a last second Hail Mary touchdown was certainly it.

After that miraculous play, BC couldn’t really pull themselves back together. They gave their all, but not many teams can come back after suffering such a drain in momentum. Florida State would go on to score three more touchdowns and one field goal, but BC did manage to pull together a late comeback attempt to put 14 more points on the board. However, in the end, BC was no match for Jameis Winston.

These fans provided comedic relief after Winston did his best Doug Flutie impersonation. Anthony Golden / The Gavel.

Comedic relief? Some SuperFans needed it after Winston did his best Flutie impersonation with seconds to go in the first half.
Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

When looking at the game from a broad spectrum, the average Boston College fan can take away a few positives. First and foremost, in the eyes of many, BC wasn’t even supposed to get a point on the board; and yet, they put up 34 points on the 8th best team in the nation, and never truly gave up. Secondly, Andre Williams and Chase Rettig are looking better than ever, and with some big games in the near future, BC is in a far better situation than last year.

A 14-point loss to a nationally-ranked program with a Heisman candidate at quarterback is nothing to be ashamed of, and hopes for a bowl shouldn't be tossed to the side after this loss.

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