Eaglets on the Warpath: Shopping Up to Boston

Newbury Street: where the fashionable buy fashionable clothing while looking fashionable buying it.

I, on the other hand, forgot to change shoes on the way out of Cheverus last Sunday. Subsequently, my green shower sandals made an appearance amongst the Jimmy Choo’s and Frye boots on the Newbury Street sidewalk.

We began our Sunday Boston excursion with the purpose of buying warm clothes for Roommate #1, who apparently has never heard of winter before. Last time I checked California had a diverse climate, but perhaps I was mistaken. Anyway, Roommate #3 and I, both familiar with the concept of “cold weather,” were in charge of making sure she picked out proper outerwear. Three pairs of boots and several Patagonia and North Face jackets later, I’d say we did our job well.

It felt refreshing to leave the campus and experience Boston in the daytime. Our relationship with the city has so far been based on its nightlife, and by nightlife I mean MIT’s hot and sweaty fraternities. What a freshman thing to do, right? I love being cliché sometimes.

I’ve been on Newbury Street before, but not as a college student. So this time was different. After convincing our parents to let us buy stuff under the alias of needing more underwear, a surge of energy pulsed through us. We were poor college kids no more! To make things better, there were student discounts around every corner. I got five dollars off a jacket, thereby paying for my commute in and out of Boston. It felt like a huge deal. Thank you, North Face (and you’re welcome for the free advertising).

Starbucks won our hearts over that chilly September afternoon, second only to the entire hour we spent doing work on the sales rack at Urban Outfitters.


Look at their eyes sparkle in the company of half-priced items. 

Oh, you wondrous Salted Caramel Mocha. Of course there’s that extraordinary public restroom, too. The line running out the door on the way in was no deterrence to us. The lack of seating didn’t stop us either: we stood at the counter for twenty minutes waiting for our coffees. Worth it.



All in all, it was a gorgeous autumn day off-campus in the real world. Assuming the real world exclusively includes shopping, coffee, and Beanie Baby-sized puppies.


Top Ten Excuses for Not Leaving Campus

10. Too hot.

9. Too cold.

8. Weird “T-People.”

7. The real world is so spontaneous! In a bad way.

6. “BC has everything I need.”

5. “I don’t know how the T works.”

4. Fear of accidentally taking the B line.

3. Meal plan. What’s better than free food? (... Real food you pay for at an actual restaurant.)

2. “So you’re saying I have to put on real clothes?”

1. The Comm. Ave bus isn’t stopping at CoRo, i.e. walking would be involved.

Images courtesy of Maddie Webster/Gavel Media

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