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BC-Army Game Risks Cancellation in Wake of Government Shutdown

Political deadlock on Capitol Hill threatens to cancel all upcoming service academy football games, including the BC-Army matchup this weekend, according to a statement from the Naval Academy.

In a press release earlier today, the Navy said that due to the government shutdown, "the Department of Defense has suspended all intercollegiate athletic competitions at the Service Academies."

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Because upper-class cadets and some members of the football staff at Army are considered government personnel, a government shutdown would prohibit their ability to travel or participate in home contests. The release sent out by the Naval Academy noted that a decision would be made official by 12 pm Thursday, contrary to what is being confirmed by the AP and David Shuster.

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Unless the status of the shutdown changes between now and Saturday, ESPN reports that Superfans are unlikely to fill the stands of Alumni Stadium this Saturday. On Twitter, Boston College AD Brad Bates acknowledged that the Athletic Department remains hopeful yet realistic about the status of Saturday's game.


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