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#KanyeVsKimmel: Internet-Wide Contempt

Ever since last Wednesday, America has stood back and watched Kanye West eat Jimmy Kimmel alive on Twitter after he broadcasted a spoof of Kanye’s most recent BBC Radio interview, where Kanye incomprehensibly rambled on about his latest album, Yeezus, and its subsequent role in popular culture.


Everyone knows the story. Jimmy Kimmel has once again shown us what it means to be the satirical, light-hearted face of late night television. Kanye West, well, he has shown us exactly what we all already knew about Kanye West—that he is really angry. Like, really, really angry. Like, angrier than when you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of watching an exceedingly muscular man lift up his tank at the Plex to take a peek at his abs, angry. Come on, chief. You look like a hardo.tumblr_mu2m5qP30y1sp8oh8o1_1280

So, in the wake of all this Kanye-Kimmel hoopla, I have taken it upon myself to not give another perfunctory summary of the comedic gold that has unfortunately consumed these two media moguls, but instead have decided to offer how the really creepy, uninformed Internet dwellers of our fine country have made light of the situation. I have collected a series of real comments that people have posted in regards to an article by E! News, which fills you in on all the stuff I promised I wouldn’t talk about. Along with your generous dosage of explicit language and profanity, there is a plethora of clever punctuation, creative spelling decisions, thought-provoking usernames, and a host of awe-inspiring remarks. Enjoy!

**DISCLAIMER**: If you actually like Kim Kardashian, keep in mind that NO ONE else does. Really. Especially people who comment on E! News articles. This claim will be supported immediately upon reading further.


TRUTH says: “Kim has the face of Michael Jackson”

WHATEVA says: “You guys are such jerks you know what get a life and stop trying to ruin other peoples lives”

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.50.38 PM

 @WHATEVA says: “So how in the world are these comments trying to ruin this ******** or I'm sorry I meant to say Kim's life? She is doing that all on her own! You and many others may love her, which is very hard to understand, but there are also many of us who see her for what she is!!! She made a video for crying out loud! Should we respect her for that? No one forced her to do so!! So please explain to us how those of us who see her how she truly is ruining her life?”

@@WHATEVA says: “You are 100% right! The ‘whateva’ poster is an asinine moron.


MISTAKE says: “she made a mistake”

@MISTAKE says: “No. It is NOT a mistake when you WILLINGLY sign the release from a sex tape that you starred in and then PROFIT from it. Go sit down you fool.”

@@MISTAKE says: “AMEN!!!!”


TEAM JIMMY KIMMEL says: “!!! F * $ K Kanye ‘No talent hack’ West !!! You lost douchebag!!!”

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.51.35 PM


JAY says: “Kanye is a jerk!”


SLAPPY WHITE’S GHOST says: “Kanye West=’Uppity Libyan’ Boardwalk Empire rules!”


BEVERLY says: “He makes me sick him and kim”


JANELLE CLOWNFISH says: “What an a**hole he is”


CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? says: “Let's face it. Kim is old now.”


MARK says: “Coward. LOL”


IDRIS ELBA says: “Kanye grow up! I won't even can't even call you bro you fake! You are a shame to brothers everywhere.”


KANYE says: “I am a black man and I demand you erase my tweets. If you don't you're a racist. You brought my ancestors here on boat so I deserve your adulation. I am Yeesus.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.55.04 PM

*For full article and complete list of outrageously inappropriate comments, click here.

Screenshots by Sameet Dhillon.

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