The 10 MUST-HAVE Apps for a BC Student

Look at the people sitting around you. At least one person is staring at a smartphone screen –the Razor, Pebble and even the Rokr are simply things of the past. Androids and iPhones are here to stay.

But, let’s be real here, what is a smartphone without its apps? Yes, some apps may cost money and put a dent in your college budget, but no need to fret. The following is a list of 10 free apps every BC student should have.

Image via Facebook/Transloc

Image via Facebook/Transloc

1.    Transloc

Are you a freshman living on Newton? A student simply craving some Chipotle? Or a junior who needs to get to 2000? Transloc will help get you there! The Transloc app keeps you in-the-know at all times, updating you with where your bus is and when it will arrive. Instead of going to the bus stop and having to wait 30 minutes until your bus arrives, why not do something more productive with your time?

2.    Embark Boston T-MBTA

New to Boston? The Embark Boston app is essential to all T riders. Do you have a business meeting, but are unsure which bus or T-line to take? Just plug in your current location and destination into the app and Embark Boston will map it for you!

3.    Expedia

Flights from home to BC and vice versa can get really expensive, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Expedia Hotels & Flights app can get you up to a 40% discount on flights and hotels. In the mood for a weekend getaway? Expedia will even help you find the best priced flights from any airline.

Image via Pinterest/Scott Valentine

Image via Pinterest/Scott Valentine

4.    Bank of America

A lot of BC students have a Bank of America debit card, so why not pair it up with the Bank of America app? The BOA app makes it easier for you to keep track of your money in both your checking and savings accounts. With the BOA app, you can deposit a check by taking a snap shot of it. Both email and mobile transfers are also possible, so you can securely send money to another BOA user just by plugging in his or her mobile number or email. How convenient is that!

5.    Venmo

Need to pay a friend back for a cab ride or a drink he or she bought for you at MAs last night? There is no need to shuffle around your room looking for cash. With Venmo, you can pay your friends back in a fast, secure, easy and free way. Just download the app, input your debit card and bank account information and you will be all set.

6.    Foodler

Do you have the midnight munchies? Or are you simply just tired of cafeteria food? The Foodler app allows you to order from a variety of restaurants right from the comfort of your own…phone! Plus, you get points and discounts for every order! (One of the bonuses: Angora Café delivers until 2:00 am and they have the best frozen yogurt!)

7.    The 7 Minute Workout

Now that you have the Foodler app on your phone, it’s time to download the 7 Minute Workout app. As a BC student, you are constantly busy. But the 7 Minute Workout app gives you a full body workout in just 7 minutes! The app does not only time you, but it also explains the 12 different exercises you are required to do. Bye, bye Plex! No need to leave your room for a workout anymore.

8.    Viber

Studying Abroad or have friends across the pond? The Viber app will allow you to connect with your friends wherever they are in the world for free! Need to call them? Send them a photo? Text them? You can do all of that for free with 3G and Wifi. Definitely an app you should not leave the country without.

Image via Pinterest/Jeff Grant

Image via Pinterest/Jeff Grant

9.    Amazon Student 

The Amazon Student app is ideal for any college student. It allows you to check the cost of textbooks so you do not have to buy them at full price. Just scan the barcode or search the textbook title and Amazon Student will pull up the best deals for you. The app also allows you to sell back your books or any other item you purchased. As a perk, you will get free two-day shipping for the first 6 months after you sign up. You have nothing to lose.


10. StudyBlue

No need for a study buddy when you have the StudyBlue app. The StudyBlue app allows you to enter your school and your classes. Depending on who has taken the class and if class material is posted, various public study materials will be available to you. You can use this material—specifically, the online flashcards—to your advantage to study for exams. You have it at the palm of your hands and it’s free! What’s not to love?

 Featured Image via Facebook.