Marathon Daffodils: When Boston Strong Meets Green Thumbs

The Boston Marathon remains a tradition and source of pride for Bostonians despite the tragic bombings last spring. Although Boston is scarred, and it may be difficult to maintain hope, the marathon will take place in 2014 with increased safety precautions.

Image via Greater Boston Convention & Visitor's Bureau/Flickr.

Image via Greater Boston Convention & Visitor's Bureau/Flickr.

In an effort to facilitate the healing process, non-profits, local businesses, gardening experts, neighboring towns and citizens have united to found Marathon Daffodils, an organization planning to raise $1,000 per mile to plant daffodils along the route of the Boston Marathon.

Like the rest of the city, members of the Boston College community will come out in droves to watch the race and enjoy the celebration. Although spectators will most likely still be sensitive about last year's tragedy, the sight of flowers, a symbol of new life and growth, may help lighten the mood.

Image via OpenStreetMap/Wikimedia Commons.

Image via OpenStreetMap/Wikimedia Commons.

The BC community still remembers the anxiety it experienced during those few tense days in April. “For me, the biggest fear was the chaos and confusion. I can’t understand why anyone would ruin such a uniting and passionate event,” says Ryan Igoe, A&S ’17.

After the terrifying manhunt of the bombing suspects, however, students erupted with patriotism and pride. The celebration that night, which included a Modwide dance party and chanting in the streets of campus, indicated that students were beginning to move forward from the tragedy.

Downtown Boston could use a few flowers. Image via Spinnick597/Wikimedia Commons.

Downtown Boston could use a few flowers.
Image via Spinnick597/Wikimedia Commons.

The BC community now has the opportunity to be part of the effort to rebuild the marathon experience and make this year's 26.2-mile race better than ever. Students can donate money to Marathon Daffodils or volunteer to help plant the flowers. Contributions can be sent to:

The Cooperative Bank
201 Main Street
Charlestown, MA 02129

For more information, students can contact Diane Valle at or call 617-791-5663.

Marathon Daffodils aims to do more than just showcase the beauty of the spring season. It looks to highlight the passion that the race has always incited, and help those affected grow, heal and keep Boston strong.

Featured image via Kham Tran/Wikimedia Commons.

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