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American Horror Story: Are You Ready For "Bitchcraft"?

The 8-10 second teaser clips on the American Horror Story website and Facebook are getting rather annoying, and they don’t really reveal much about the show. Still, one can’t help but get chills upon hearing the sharp sound of the AHS title sequence playing in the background of the clips. This season is sure to impress, as it is chock-full of both horrific and historical elements with a setting unlike any other, and with a premiere episode title like “Bitchcraft," you can’t help but have high expectations.


Witchcraft and voodoo are two topics that AHS has not yet touched upon.

 If you didn’t already look it up, a coven is defined as a group of witches who meet regularly. After using a haunted house and an insane asylum as the past two themes, witches are sure to mix it up a bit. Creator Ryan Murphy even said that Coven is his “favorite season that we’ve done so far.” Murphy is even considering a spinoff of this season, and he already knows the theme of season 4 (which Jessica Lange has made a commitment to – success! – though, after that she is unsure of whether she will stay around). He’s also revealed that this season has a more comical air than the past two, but be sure to sit deep in your seats because it is still sure to scare.

The great Jessica Lange, formerly known as Sister Jude (Season 2), plays one of the main witches. She has lived a life of luxury, but as the ruthless “Supreme,” she goes back to New Orleans to try to rule her Coven at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for young witches where her distant daughter is the headmistress. Lange’s powerful character is depicted in many of the trailers and spoilers, and one of her prevailing lines among these trailers is: “You girls need to learn to fight. When witches don’t fight, we burn.”


What better place to set a horror story than New Orleans?

In Season 3, American Horror Story will be embracing its setting more than ever before. Flipping back and forth between present-day New Orleans and the 1830s is sure to add a new twist to the show. For those of you who have not yet journeyed to New Orleans, it is a place unlike any other with an energy that reaches even the darkest corner. The streets are lined with houses that contain hundreds of years of history, and the endless stories of New Orleans music and voodoo are fascinating. New Orleans voodoo is a religion; it is full of sophisticated rituals and jazz music that is meant to bring you beyond the borders of your own identity. The objective is to become possessed and experience the world from another perspective.

Kathy Bates’ is perfect for the real-life character Madame Delphine LaLaurie

Kathy Bates was born for the role of psychotic character of Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Madame LaLaurie, who was a real person who lived in New Orleans in the late 1700 to early 1800s, is famous for ruthless slave torture in the basement of her home. The first five minutes of the premiere episode will reveal all of her horrific acts, so be sure to be in front of the TV at 10 PM on Wednesday. Madame LaLaurie will be caught in a fierce rivalry with witch Marie Laveau, played by Angela Bassett, who is sure to contribute to several plot twists.

Missing Rubber Man & Bloody Face? There are two new characters for you.

AHS has also been pretty famous for a series of side-plots with both thought-provoking and perturbing characters. With Season 1’s Rubber Man and Season 2’s Bloody Face, there was always some sort of mind-bending scheme developing on the sidelines. This season you can pay attention to the Axeman of New Orleans, who was a real serial killer in the early 1900s in New Orleans. It doesn’t end there, though. In a trailer, Madame LaLaurie also mentions her favorite character in Greek mythology, the Minotaur.

Who could forget Tate & Violet? Well, they’re now known as Kyle & Zoe.

The cute high-school relationship between Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga, who played Tate and Violet in Season 1, is finally rekindled as a romantic storyline between college-student, Kyle, and boarding-school witch, Zoe. Zoe is the new kid at school, and it seems to be a Harry Potter concept in which Zoe finds out she is a witch (think a “You’re a wizard, Harry” type thing) and is sent to attend a Hogwarts-type school. The idea is that during the Salem witch trials 300 years ago, witches escaped to the South and set up a school to protect and educated young witches because there had been many attacks on these witches. Each of the witches has a unique power; you probably don’t want Zoe’s power to be spoiled, but just know that it is sure to cause conflicts.

So, AHS Coven will be full of surprises. With an entirely fresh theme and a new set of characters, it is anticipated to be the best season yet.  Check out the title sequence here:


...and prepare your popcorn, teddy bear, and warmest blanket for Wednesday. Watch on FX at 10PM.

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