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The Most Under-Instagrammed Spots at BC

In case you hadn’t heard, BC has one of the biggest Instagram presences of any college or university in America. That said, anyone who only knows BC through its Instagram pictures might think that the only buildings on campus are Gasson and Bapst, and that everyone lives in the Mods. It’s time for a little Instagram diversity, people. Here’s a list of some of the prettiest places on campus you might not see on Instagram.

1) The amphitheater behind Stokes. This is one of my personal favorite spots on campus. On a sunny day, lounging on the grass with a good book (or my history textbook) is perfection.

Amphitheater by Stokes

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2) The benches between Stokes and CoRo. Frankly, it makes me sad how under utilized these benches are. Quiet, peaceful, and surrounded by flowers, these benches make an excellent place to study on a nice day.

Benches between Stokes and CoRo

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3) The labyrinth next to Bapst – a nice place for quiet reflection or escape from the craziness of everyday life.

Labyrinth next to Bapst

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4) The Boston College sign. For a collection of rocks, it’s surprisingly beautiful.

Boston College sign

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5) The inside of Fulton. I would sign up for a business class if it meant I got to spend time inside of Fulton. The tile, the stairs, those weird cone shaped lights--it is just all so beautiful.

Inside of Fulton

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6) The million dollar stairs. The view from halfway up the stairs--where you can just see the top of Gasson--is enough to motivate me to finish walking up the stairs instead of just collapsing onto the ground and asking someone to bring me various survival supplies.

Million Dollar Stairs

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Featured Image via Facebook by Gretchen Erttl.



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