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Happiness at BC: A Short List

With the business of the semester fully upon us its easy to get caught up in the daily grind of Boston College. Sometimes we need to take some small moments to remind ourselves how lucky we truly are to be here. So, when you catch yourself stressed out about your next test or paper, here are a few small things that can bring you happiness on campus.

Courtesy of Patricia Drury/Flickr

Courtesy of Patricia Drury/Flickr

1.  Sit outside in between classes.

While we are still having good weather, use the awkward gap between your classes to sit outside.  There’s no sense in sitting in a hallway when you can be out in the newly designed O’Neill Plaza and Dust Bowl. My personal favorite is sitting on the ledge in front of Gasson.  You might as well take advantage of the grass that B.C. constantly replants, and you would be surprised by how many people you get to say hello to after just 20 minutes outside on main campus.

2.  Eat a Hillside cookie.

During a particularly rough week reward yourself with one of those huge cookies Hillside constantly keeps stocked next to the register. Let yourself stop counting calories (if you even do that) and have a chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, oatmeal or sugar cookie.  Sometimes you even get lucky and get them right when they are hot out of the oven.


Image via Facebook

3.  Use one of the nice bathrooms in Gasson.

I’m sure mostly girls can appreciate this, but having a private stall to go about your business can really make a difference in your day.  If not for the privacy, it is a moment that you can catch your breath and completely be alone in the midst of a busy day.

4.  Study on the fifth floor of O’Neill

We’ve all had those days when you’re sure that the only way you can accomplish something is in solitary confinement.  You might as well do it from one of those nice individual desks facing out of the windows of O’Neill.  The view is unreal and studying is a lot more enjoyable and inspired while looking at the Boston skyline.

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

5.  Pick your favorite building or area on campus, and make a point to walk through it during some point of the week.

Boston College didn’t spend millions of dollars on buildings like Stokes, Gasson, or Fulton for you to just stare at them from the outside. Just because you may not have classes in one of your favorite buildings, does not mean you can’t enjoy the architecture we have around campus. You would be surprised at the new things you find around campus. As a senior, I am just discovering the old debate room on the third floor of O’Neill. Even the St. Ignatius statue can be really easy to miss if you don’t walk through that part of campus. Making a point to see something on campus that you truly enjoy can help you appreciate B.C. all the more.

Featured Image via Facebook.