'Jumpstart' Goes Back to Basics

Jumpstart has become known around campus as a popular place for friends to volunteer. But, what exactly is Jumpstart? Student volunteer coordinator, Rebecca Schollmeyer, Lynch ’15, answered some questions about the program.

Jumpstart is a national non-profit organization that utilizes community relationships to build the literacy skills that all children need to thrive. The program has six different South Boston sites. The aim is to help preschool students from low-income areas gain the literacy skills that they need to be successful.


Since 1993, Jumpstart has trained 28,000 college students and community volunteers to work with 50,000 preschool children across the nation. Boston College contributes 55 core members and six team leaders to the jumpstart classrooms.


The volunteers start with name games and welcome activities. They then work on alphabet exercises and read a core story. Each day volunteers follow a curriculum for a specific lesson in literacy. Jumpstart’s strong national connection allows for consistent alumni support.

Those interested in volunteering can find applications on the Jumpstart website and set up interviews. Schoolmeyer explained, “A lot of people have the misconception that volunteering at Jumpstart is only for Lynch students. Last year, on my team, I had a few CSOM majors who loved it so much that they even picked up general education minors.”

While there are many volunteer opportunities to choose from, the connection that Boston College and Jumpstart have is something that they intend to continue for years to come.

All images via Facebook/jumpstartbc.