Mashup Your Tuesday: Top 10 Mashups

Mashup: the fabulous product created when two or more songs are woven together in an explosion of sound, beat, and sheer awesomeness. They are completely underrated and totally mind-blowing pieces of music, and we’ve compiled the 10 best, in no particular order, for your listening enjoyment. Some are more bizarre combinations than others, but all of them are worth your time. Want to know the best part about mashups? Unlike regular songs you’ve heard a million times, you don’t know what lyric or tune is going play next. Plug in your headphones and prepare to be dazzled.

 1. Little Wrecking Ball

("Little Lion Man"-Mumford and Sons + "Wrecking Ball"-Miley Cyrus)

This combination of Miley’s new smash hit and Mumford and Son’s catchy single is pure genius. "Wrecking Ball" gets a whole new spin with the signature Mumford banjo and guitar in the background. It feels more alive, and if possible, even more catchy.


2. The Next One that I Want

("The Next Episode"-Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg + "You’re the One that I Want"-Grease)

This one of the more bizarre mashups on this list, but it’s also hilariously catchy and guaranteed to make you smile and bob your head in time. Listening to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg rap over the lively beat of Grease’s show tune is an unforgettable experience, and proves that, sometimes, even the most unexpected combinations can work together.


3. Pumped-up Baby

("Pumped Up Kicks"-Foster the People + "Ice Ice Baby"-Vanilla Ice)

Vanilla Ice rapping over the indie "Pumped up Kicks" beat works absurdly well in this mashup. The best part is no doubt the refrain in which the two separate songs are woven together seamlessly. If we didn’t know better, we might think it was a real song.


4. Radioactive Swimming Pools

("Swimming Pools"-Kendrick Lamar + "Radioactive"-Imagine Dragons)

This is one of my favorites on the list just because the introduction is so cohesive and strong. Kendrick Lamar’s distinct sound is incredible over the "Radioactive" beat, and both songs’ intensities come together to make for a powerful mashup.


5. Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army

("Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"-Eurhythmics + "Seven Nation Army"-The White Stripes)

"Seven Nation Army" is perhaps one of the most intense songs I have ever heard, but it becomes so much more fun with the addition of Sweet Dreams in the background. It brings the mashup to a whole new level, and proves the point that you never know what is coming next. I dare you to not tap your feet.


6. Boulevard of Broken Songs – Party Ben

("Boulevard of Broken Dreams"-Green Day + "Wonderwall"-Oasis)

The exchange of guitar sounds and the voices of the lead singers in this mashup generates a genius tradeoff that showcases the best parts of each song equally. The slight additions of Travis’ “Writing to Reach You,” Eminem’s “Sing for the Moment,” and Aerosmith’s “Dream On” add spice and surprise to this mashup, taking it to the next level.


7. Stayin' Alive in the Wall

("Stayin Alive"-the Bee Gees + "Another Brick" in the Wall-Pink Floyd)

This is an unexpected combination of funk and heavy classic rock, and it works so well. The lyrics of Pink Floyd’s classic add substance under the crooning “stayinnnn aliiiveeee” that we all love to belt out. Not to mention the electric guitar and pulsing disco beat are a match made in heaven.


8. Let It Be, No Cry

("Let it Be"-The Beatles + "No Woman, No Cry"-Bob Marley)

One of the more beautiful mashups on this playlist, Bob Marley’s distinctive soothing sound is perfectly placed over the simple piano of “Let it Be.” You can’t help but be filled with compassion and love listening to these two greats. Prepare yourself for the surprises that will come as the beat picks up throughout the song, and don’t hold back when you feel like shouting “Preach!”


9. Hey We Will Rock You Ya

("Hey Ya!"-OutKast + "We Will Rock You"-Queen)

The beat of “Hey Ya” is undeniably one of the catchiest in existence, and it serves to add a much-needed dose of fun to the otherwise severe “We Will Rock You.” The best parts of "Hey Ya!" are highlighted, including the classic lines “shake it like a polaroid picture” and “give me some suga, I am your neighbor!” but are rounded off by the “we will, we will, rock you.” It’s the ideal combination of a battle anthem combined with a feel good tune.


10. The Day the Music Died – Mashup Germany

Undeniably the fanciest and most complex mashup on this list, this choice combines 13 different artists, ranging from the likes of Mozart, Eric Clapton and Elvis to Green Day, Kelly Clarkson, and Jessie J. It’s an orgasm for your ears in every sense, and keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering which song is coming next. Oh yea, and it works absolutely flawlessly, proving that all music, no matter the genre, can be fit together and made into one beautiful, creative expression.


Featured Image via Tumblr.

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