Takin’ It to the Street

Get excited you guys, because BC Street is returning for the event’s second year at O’Neill Plaza this Friday. From 10am-2:15pm the Residence Hall Association (RHA) will be bringing Boston street performance culture to campus. Originally organized as a way to celebrate the new lush grassy O’Neill Plaza (RIP former concrete slab plaza), the RHA is hoping to make this event a new BC tradition.


It will feature BC performance groups, ranging from dance to acapella, as well as a special performance from well-known Faneuil Hall street performers, “The Red Trouser Duo”. If you don’t know who these dudes are, they’re a variety act that does a combination of comedy and stunts. Their shows constantly draw large crowds around Quincy Market and never disappoint. You can check them out at  http://www.redtrousershow.com/.

Here’s a full schedule to help you plan your time out:




Not only will there be awesome performances from all of these groups, there will be FREE FOOD. And not just any kind of free food, I’m talkin’ El Pelon, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Boloco, City Baked, and Treat Cupcake Bar. If this isn’t tempting enough, I don’t know what is.

I asked the organizers," Corey Leonardi A&S ‘15 and Peter Sidney CSOM ‘15, to talk a little bit about the inspiration behind the event and what they hope students will get out of it. “A lot of clubs at BC try and bring BC out of the 'BC bubble' and into Boston, so we thought… why not bring Boston to BC?” said the duo. “The Faneuil hall experience is something every tourist loves - good food in Quincy market and great entertainment by some of the coolest performers around. We wanted to bring that experience right here to BC’s campus. We knew professional street performers would be exciting to watch, especially if you stumbled upon them in the plaza while walking from class!”

“Street” is also a rare opportunity to check out the vast performing arts culture on campus. Other than Arts Fest and individual shows (that oftentimes involve a priced ticket), there aren’t many chances to see these performers together all in one place, and that is exactly what Leonardi and Sidney are hoping to do with this event. “BC has so much talent to offer and so we knew BC’s own student groups would be a huge hit and even expose many students to the awesome performing groups on campus," they said. “One of RHA’s goals is to bring our students together into a close community. We thought the combination of awesome free food and exciting entertainment would do just that.”

And that is exactly what you can expect on Friday. Great food, great atmosphere, great performers. Whether you’re stopping by before or after class, or planning on spending your entire morning out at O’Neill Plaza, it will be well worth the visit. You can’t ask for a better start to your weekend!

Featured Image via Facebook.

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