Boston Hassle Fest: Promote Good Music

Hassle Fest Preview

Boston, MA is home to a great music scene; from mainstream to deep underground, Boston is a thriving hub for music and the arts. There are so many excellent concerts, art shows, and performances to attend throughout the city spanning from well-known acts to the relatively unheard of artists. Boston Hassle, an independent music blog, hosts an annual festival, called Hassle Fest, which highlights underground and new bands across the gamut of genres. Boston Hassle prides itself on showcasing the best electronic, indie, rock, punk and experimental artists around. Boston Hassle hosts and promotes many concerts throughout the year, but Hassle Fest is the pinnacle for this local organization.

Hassle Fest is a unique festival and encapsulates the message of Boston Hassle itself: to promote good music. Hassle Fest is entirely volunteer-run and functions based on generous donations of supporters and music enthusiasts. As a result, Hassle Fest tickets are a fixed price, between $15 and $20, to make the concert affordable and accessible to all.


The 2013 concert, Boston Hassle Fest 5, will be hosted on Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th at the Cambridge Elks Lodge. It is an “all-ages event” and is a great way to enjoy some local performers. Hassle Fest 5 will feature bands such as Japanther, The Monsieurs, and the Beets—all of whom are more popular acts in the indie and underground music scene, and up and coming artists such as Street Gnar and Speedy Ortiz. Japanther, a duo from New York, is known for its unique blend of visual art and music and has been know to collaborate with many other artists and to give exceptionally “different” performances (such as performing alongside synchronized swimmers or with marionettes). The innovative Speedy Ortiz is a fresh and creative four-piece band from Northampton, Massachusetts that might not fall under one specific genre but encompasses all of “alternative” with noisy and melodic music. Hassle Fest 5 will showcase fresh and experimental musicians and celebrate the deep-rooted musical culture of Boston.

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Whether you have heard of some of these acts or are completely unaware of the underground music scene in Massachusetts, Boston Hassle Fest 5 is a great way to support and appreciate the burgeoning independent arts industry in Boston.

Images courtesy of Sameet Dhillon/ Gavel Media

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