Video Feature: I Can't Hear You! BC Pom Squad in Action

We've all seen them on the football field and basketball court, but what makes BC's pom squad tick? The Gavel caught up with the cheer and dance team during a Tuesday night practice and caught a behind-the-scenes peek at the work that goes into making game days possible.

The practice was long and strenuous, but the squad was just as cheerful and focused as if it were on the field. We talked to a few dancers and coach Stephanie Mangano during a break, and here's what they had to say:

What is Pom Squad?

"Pom Squad is BC’s dance team here on campus. We are officially affiliated with the athletic department. Our dancers are highly technical and are the performance spectacle at the football and basketball games, both men and women’s. We also compete nationally in Daytona, Florida." -Coach Stephanie Mangano.

Why did you join Pom Squad?

"I joined Pom Squad because I wanted to be a part of an intense team. I did cheerleading and dance in high school so it was a nice combination of the two. It's a lot of fun!"-Lexie Pereia, A&S '17.  

"I joined Pom Squad because I danced basically my entire life. In high school I really wanted to do something with cheerleading or pom but our high school didn’t offer that. So I decided to join in college and it’s been awesome so far." -Katie Larkin, A&S '17.

"I really wanted to carry on my dancing training in college and wanted to be a part of something as well. Being on the football field is something that I also really wanted to do." --Jackie Datorre, CSOM '17.

What’s the toughest part of being on Pom Squad?

"I think the toughest part is handling your school work with the practices and the games because once basketball season comes around we have more games, more often." --Cassie Buontempo, A&S '15.

What are Pom Squad's goals this year?

"We have a number of goals this year. Given that the team is only in its fifth year of existence, a continuing goal from year to year is to grow the team, grow the program, and continue to attract talented dancers." -Nikki Elliott, Captain, CSOM '14

"I’m looking to grow the team into being a renowned team that’s recognized nationally for not only the skills of their dancers, but also the performance quality so that the fans of BC athletics are familiar with Pom Squad and are entertained by them at the games." -Stephanie Mangano, Coach

Courtesy of Ashley Bryeans

Courtesy of Ashley Bryeans

Image courtesy of Ashley Bryeans. Video by Lauren Rever, Sanjay Setru and Cindy Chen.