35 Better Ways to Spend $35

This November’s opening of Drybar in the Chestnut Hill Mall has a lot of people talking…mostly about what it is. Drybar is a hair salon that caters exclusively to blow-outs. The salon won’t cut or highlight your hair, and it definitely won’t leave any gentlemen high and tight. At Drybar you can choose from a variety of different blowout styles, all starting at reasonably minimum price of $35. $35 to have your hair dried…

If you were wondering, here is a list of 35 better ways to spend $35:

Image via Pinterest/Boston A-List

Image via Pinterest/Boston A-List


1. Brunch for two at Tavern in the Square.

Every Sunday it’s $16.50 per person for all you can eat breakfast and lunch. You can’t go wrong there.


2. Buy 140 gumballs and see how many of them you can fit in your mouth at the same time.

3. Save up for your 401K.

4. Buy the number one book on the New York Times Bestseller list.

5. Go to the movies.

You and two friends can enjoy a movie for a whole two hours. That might even be longer than your blow out lasts.

6. Go grocery shopping. Ramen noodles is not an acceptable food group.

7. Send Mom some flowers.

Image via Pinterest/Matt Pasant

Image via Pinterest/Matt Pasant

8. Buy bleacher seats tickets to a Red Sox game.

Groupon is a great place to look for cheap tickets, and you might get lucky and end up with even better seats.

9. Take your girlfriend or boyfriend out to dinner somewhere other than Lower.

10. Pay your electricity bill.

11. A gel manicure.

Want to be pampered? This manicure will last up to 10 days. Your blowout will last one.

12. Buy a pet fish or hamster.

Learn how to care for something other than your hair?

13. Buy three handles of Rubinoff.

14. Give $35 to a homeless person.

Image via Facebook/Museum of Fine Arts

Image via Facebook/Museum of Fine Arts

15. Go to the MFA.

Students get in free, so afterwards you can spend your $35 on anything except a blowout.



16. Buy a cotton bicycle bag to impress others with your sensible travel items.

17. Buy a phone case that will actually protect your iPhone.

18. Buy an eco-friendly, reusable water bottle.

19. Finally pay your roommate back.

20. Buy a pair of wool socks. They're life changing.

21. Buy a tray of assorted fruit and vegetables to please any picky party guest.

Image via Pinterest/Laurasweetspot.com

Image via Pinterest/Laurasweetspot.com

22. Buy two large buffalo chicken pizzas from Roggie’s.

23. Buy tickets to see Brett Eldridge at the Paradise Rock Club this Friday.

24. Give yourself an early Christmas present.

25. Donate to a Boston College service trip.

Not all service trip groups can bother you when enter and exit the dining hall every day. Find a trip with a worthwhile cause and then help the members make a difference.

26. Buy tickets to The Nutcracker at the Boston Opera House this November.

27. Fill-up half a tank of gas (or a full one if you drive an ’89 Honda).

All the more reason to take a road trip or visit a not-that-distant-but-sort-of-distant family member.

28. Use it towards an awesome and potentially original Halloween costume.

29. 7 TRX training sessions at the Plex.

30. Finally get that blazer tailored.

Image via Facebook/Edible Arrangements

Image via Facebook/Edible Arrangements


31. Send yourself the smallest Edible Arrangement available.


32. Splurge and buy the two English books you decided to forgo this semester.


33. New sheets. You need them.



34. While you’re at it, maybe get some new underwear.

35. Winter clothing to donate to the Salvation Army.

$35 can go a long way. Everybody needs a winter jacket, and Old Navy has children’s winter clothing for incredibly cheap. Just saying.

Featured Image via www.thedrybar.com.