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Boston Book Festival: The Perfect Place to "Nerd-Out"

Sun blazing, wind blowing, I gathered with some friends in the main tent at Copley Square and stared in awe at the rows on rows of exhibitors. “I’m so happy that we can nerd-out like this …in public!” Laughing in unison, we all shook our heads in agreement. This was, after all, a book lover’s paradise and what better place to drool over the latest hardcover than here.


This annual occurrence, known as the Boston Book Festival, was held from October 17 - 19 in Copley plaza. Bringing in over 150 well-known authors, publishers, and the like, there were workshops galore. From science fiction to Shakespeare, the diversity in activities to attend were endless and with most of the speakers and workshops free, there was no reason not to engage in one of these activities.

This year also marked a memorable one for BC as one of our very own, Professor Elizabeth Graver, spoke this Saturday on October 19. With her highly acclaimed novel, The End of the Point, long-listed for the National Book Award, her other works equally praised and a wonderful reputation as a professor, Graver’s talk at the BBF was much anticipated and enjoyed.

If sitting inside the gorgeous Trinity Church, where most of the talks are held, is somehow not your thing, there was always the main stage to catch your eye for a minute or two. Hosting spoken word artists and local bands, this outdoor entertainment venue brings more life to an already excitable audience.

Lining Copley square were tents upon tents of vendors, presenting literally everything that could be of interest to budding authors and/or the creative folks in attendance. A variety of masters programs and book reviewers were scattered amongst the publishing houses, newspapers, young start-up magazines, bookstores, and clever clothing companies. Some eye-catching attendees were Litographs, a company that produces subtly designed posters, t-shirts, and totes created from the texts of classic books themselves, and theNewerYork Press, a publishing house that puts out experimental fiction in print and online worldwide.


Within the main tent of the Boston Book Festival was WBUR promoting their various stations by implementing a clever spin wheel game that rewarded patrons with their choice of prize, including season two of Mad Men and New Yorker postcards. There was also the merch table, selling all kinds of BBF gear as well as Brookline Booksmith, who was hosting an authors’ signing who gave their talks earlier in the day. And, a general information desk, with brochures outlining the day’s activities.

The BBF literally stretched across the entirety of the square and provided a much-appreciated haven for literary enthusiasts everywhere who attended the event. Directly from their lovely website, this event strived to “celebrate the power of words stimulate, agitate, unite, delight, and inspire”. Currently in its fourth year, its premise of a free exhibition was to be as inclusive and enriching as possible.

The Boston Book Festival serves as a way to promote the importance of literature and writing. It is an effort, from our city of Boston, to spread love through written words—don’t miss out on this wonderful event in the years to come!

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