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Coconut Café: Charming & Cheap

A short walk from Newton Campus and a T stop away from Main Campus, Newton Centre is unique area full of ethnic restaurants and classy places to shop. One of those unique eateries, the Coconut Café, is a favorite among locals. After hearing buzz about the greatness of their Thai food, I decided to try it out for myself. In a rather nonchalant location, squeezed in between other shops, I admit I almost walked right past it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.25.59 PMCovered with bright blue paint and some oriental paintings, the inside walls give it character. With only a few tables, the restaurant constantly seems busy. In addition, they run a huge take out business that will deliver to Boston College for only a two dollar charge. When I sat down with my friends, we were instantly given water and a menu by a pleasant waitress. The menu is conveniently divided into different sections of Thai food – curry, Thai soup, wok fired stir fry, Thai specials, among many other things– that make it more manageable to cover. I asked the waitress what her favorite menu item was and planned on ordering her recommendation - the Prik King Thai Country Style Coconut Curry, or more easily referred to as #24. With each meal, you can order a lunch or dinner size portion that comes with your choice of protein and rice. I chose duck and brown rice.

Our food came out quickly and was piping hot. The portion sizes were perfect, large enough to satisfy the appetite of a hungry football player yet not overwhelming to the point of disgust. When I took a bite into #24, the complexity and depth of flavor in the curry was a pleasant surprise. It had a strong yet balanced flavor that didn’t destroy my palate. With each bite, it was easy for me to see the passion put into creating the dish. Having also tried the Pad Thai and the Pineapple and Peppers Stir Fry, I continued to be impressed. Each dish has a nice array of vegetables that you may not encounter in the dining halls and plenty of rice to soak up the delicious sauces.

For relatively cheap prices (the average entrée costs around twelve dollars), it is a great place to go to switch up the monotony of eating on campus. The food radiates tradition and passion, and is accessible enough for the picky eater to enjoy. Despite its simple décor, the restaurant has a nice charm that makes you feel at home. Whether you are looking for a viable takeout option or a place to go out with your friends, Coconut Café will satisfy all of your desires.

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Images via Yelp.

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