Eaglets on the Warpath: BC Mythbusters, part 2

Take a seat folks (if you happen to browse the interwebs standing), it’s the post you’ve all been waiting for! Nearly two months in and I feel I have the authority to tackle those pre-collegiate mythspectations I jotted down in August. I almost made a video, but... midterms, man. I have a lot of those.


Mythspectation #1: College will be a mixture of Animal House and “I Love College” by Asher Roth.

Excuse my French, but golly gee willikers do I love this place! For the first month we couldn’t stop talking about how much we loved college, it was pretty bad (#socollege). The absurdity of Animal House is often lacking, but the gist of the movie is alive and well at Boston College.

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Mythspectation #2: All-nighters are the norm around campus to get work done because the classes are so intensive.

This is kind of a sore subject. I understand a lot of people are having trouble keeping up with the work and there have been nights where I find myself struggling to finish a reading before 2 a.m.. But the workload has really not been that intensive for me. My high school teachers gave me more of a “run for my money” last year. Taking this information into account, you can see why I really love college.

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Mythspectation #3: Everyone will be wearing boat shoes. All the time.

Oh yeah. BC has more than fulfilled this mythspectation. The interesting thing is that the bros here are easily more dedicated to the Vineyard Vines lifestyle than us girls. Every day on my way to class a swarm of Nantucket reds flow down the stairs from the Quad to the Stokes lawn. In the chilly autumn weather it’s akin to “March of the Penguins,” except with BC guys in pretty shorts instead of fluffy baby penguins.


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Mythspectation #4: Mod parties will be almost impossible to get into as freshmen, especially for guys.

I actually haven’t been inside a mod yet. From the experiences of my friends I know that it can be a challenge, but it’s also usually worth the struggle. What I can do is overwhelmingly confirm the plight of the freshman male. It’s a tough life for guys out there. From the perspective of a girl, it’s awful for us because we don’t want to ditch you but we also want to capitalize on our invites to parties. From all of us females to you freshmen boys, we’re sorry. Regardless, we don’t pity you either because you always find someway to have fun . Keep fighting the good fight!

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Mythspectation #5: Frisbee all day everyday.


Coming from an intense Ultimate Frisbee culture on the Vineyard I thought that college would at least be comparable. From what I’ve seen, this is not the case at BC. There’s definitely a dearth of green space around here except on Middle campus, but that makes for an inconvenient trip from anyone’s residence hall. KanJam seems to be the rage on the green outside Cheverus instead.

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Mythspectation #6: Super cool professors.

I’ve had some great professors this semester! All are engaging and passionate about their classes. My 9 a.m. the Friday after Halloween was recently canceled, and my history professor does a spot-on impression of Joe McCarthy so I think that covers the “super cool” part.

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Okay it’s time for the big news. This will be my last blog post. Didn’t see that coming? Well, neither did millions of viewers when President Lyndon Johnson told the country he would not be seeking reelection in 1968.


It’s not the same thing, I know. Anyway, I decided to cease the blogging because I simply don’t feel like fresh meat anymore. Boston College has welcomed me and all other eaglets with open arms. Things just aren’t so new and strange to us anymore, and it feels good to have a sense of understanding of college life!

Here’s to a great, Mozz Stix-filled rest of the year!

(I love cheesy endings.)


Top Ten Foods I Expect To Eat On The Reg. Next Year (mythspectation #7-16):

10. Candy: confirmed, especially the million Twizzlers my mom sent me.
9. Ruffles: plausible, but we eat a lot of chips and salsa.
8. Pizza: confirmed, because we get delivery and Mac’s pizza is kick-ass.
7. Frozen Yogurt: confirmed, that heath bar crunch topping is clutch.
6. Mac & Cheese: confirmed, the Rat on Thursdays.
5. Caffeine: confirmed, confirmed, confirmed.
4. Salad: confirmed, got to balance that Late Night.
3. Shake Shack food: plausible, haven’t gotten it yet but I certainly plan on it.
2. Ramen: busted, we just keep packages of it in storage on our shelves.
1. F’reals & Mozz Stix from Late Night: SO CONFIRMED, but replace the F’reals with chicken tenders.

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