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Most Wanted: The Most Frustrating People at BC

As students of Boston College, we pride ourselves on being intelligent, composed, and capable human beings. We may not be perfect, but from our newly shined boots to our crisp Vineyard Vines shirts, we come pretty darn close. But then there are times you see someone doing something so ridiculous you just can’t understand their logic. Here’s a list of some of our most irritating offenders.

1. The Texter

The person is so involved in their phone conversation their eyes seem glued to their screen. This person has a habit of never looking where they’re going, bumping into people, and taking up entire stairwells while moving at approximately a mile an hour. We get it, you’re popular. Now try and put the phone away while you’re walking and enjoy the view.

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

2. The Cash Payer

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than when you’re waiting in line at the dining hall and the person in front of you is on pocket number four looking for that last nickel. This person has a habit of being in front of you when you’re extremely late for class. More often then not, they usually aren’t buying anything more than a coffee. Next time, we’ve got the tab.

3. The Photographer

This person is commonly seen stopped in the middle of a walkway or blocking the O’Neill doors, trying to get the best possible shot-angle. They usually strike between class periods, blocking hordes of fellow students trying to walk by like an oblivious statue. Yes, our school is very beautiful, but try to hold off on the Gassongram until we’ve all cleared out.

4. The Couple

What’s more endearing than seeing two lovebirds entangled together on a bench outside of Stokes? Well, a lot of things actually. We’re all for relationships.  You know...the holding hands, laughing at jokes, casual hanging out during the day thing. But this couple likes to partake in a long make-out session and drawn-out goodbye before class. You’ll see each other in an hour, so please spare the rest of us.

5. The Table Hog

Table hogs are frequently found in Hillside or Lower during the busiest meal times. They enjoy filling long tables with nothing but books and papers, making sure to avoid glares of others actually trying to sit and have a meal. Forget the library, these individuals enjoy studying to the loud chatter and noises around them. The best you can do in these situations is ask to borrow one of the five empty chairs at their table and squeeze in somewhere else.

6. The Tree Wasters

Forget the environment, tree-wasters like to print copious amounts of pages single sided. Students in line behind these individuals should plan on waiting at least five minutes before the printer becomes available. Never underestimate the amount of pages they'll print. Usually, they’re just getting started.


Image via Flickr

7. The Elevator Junkie

We all use the Maloney elevator from time to time, maybe after a hard workout, on an extra chilly day, or just because we feel like it. The elevator is a great option when traveling all the way up to the fifth floor. Notice how we didn’t say the second floor? We’re on to you, elevator junkies. Yes, the stairs exist. Yes, please take them if you’re traveling up one floor.

8. The Bus Yeller

This title is reserved for those generous individuals who insist on sharing their entire days with the world. Usually, these individuals are speaking on the phone or to the person right next to them, yet seem to think the usual volume of conversation could not possibly be enough to get their point across. We’re sure that test you had today went as great as you say, but this oncoming headache? Not so great.

 We’ve all witnessed some pretty annoying stuff. Are you guilty of one of these?


Featured image via Flickr